Were you at Arc.I.Tek?

This past weekend was another Arc.I.Tek model making event, and we can’t help be in awe of the inspiration and creative genius that comes from these events.

The materials are all laid out ready for the kids to dig in, and create something amazing.

The age range was a little wider at this event from 1st to 10th grade.  The entire event is designed to educate the kids and introduce them to some concepts.








From there the design is totally in their hands. We are there to assist with any questions, or give them a little push when they get stuck creatively, but really, the kids do most of the heavy lifting.


Here are some sneek peaks of some of the models we saw come out of this past weekend.

The numerous flowers boxes on this design are architected to be made out of 100% recycled materials!
This architect was very concerned with bears getting to her garbage, so naturally she designed an electric fence around it. ūüôā
I believe those are solar panels
Check that window going all the way through the building!
This view is top down of an underground parking lot complete with elevator.

It’s truly amazing to watch as out of cardboard, toothpicks, hot glue, construction paper, and other random materials comes the future of design. You never know. This just may what down town Seattle looks like in 2062. For us, it’s really about connecting and sharing the story of creativity.

Curt Gelotte sitting with young Arc.I.Tek’s Lola and Gosia as they sketch out their concepts.

Sign up your kids for the last Arc.I.Tek event on September 15th.
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Arc.I.Tek model making workshops are in full swing!

Our youth model making workshops are in full swing with the next event coming up Saturday June 16th. These events are so much fun. The workshop kicks off with an introduction to the kids about the history of the Space Needle (including why it’s painted orange right now) as well as looking to the future at the same time.

Kirsten Clemens from SAF leading the educational piece of the workshop.
The kids were shown the original napkin sketch of the design for the Space Needle.

It is so much fun to watch the kid’s walk through the design/creation process. They start out by sketching up ideas and then they are off and running building!

Stage one of the design process is sketching.
After that the kids start to build their visions.

As their ideas take shape it gets really fun. Suddenly metal grating becomes clouds,transparencies become windows and hot glue becomes the concrete holding it all together. Take a look at a few of the models in progress.

After the kiddo’s fill out a form telling all about their vision including the name of it as well as the purpose or vision for the design.

One of the kids filling out his entry form for his model.
One of our amazing volunteer’s helping one of the kiddo’s fill out his form for his model.
One of the kiddo’s taking a snack break.

Some of the finished models.

Each of the entries will be entered into the competition piece. Judging is based off of three catergories: Sustainability, Innovation and Social Sharing. Each entry will be given a site on The New Hive starting in September to be able to “share” through social media channels.
Have you registered your kiddo’s for the next event? Sign up here through www.brownpapertickets.com.

Friday Fun – Rustic Remodel

Remodel’s have been popular on the blog¬†lately, so we thought we would post about another one of our remodel projects that wrapped up not too long ago.
Meet our Rustic Remodel.

This project is located in Issaquah on about 20 acres. The barn is amazing!
The home is 3,500 square feet and is scheduled to undergo a 2 phase remodel.
Phase 1 of the remodel is complete, which included this bathroom and the master bedroom.

The home owners wanted to capture the “Northwest Rustic” charm of the property in the remodel of their home.

The master bedroom after Phase 1 of 2 in this Rustic Remodel.
This fireplace is stone with a gas insert.
The “after” picture of the bathroom.

This project is a gem. We will be sure to post the picts as phase 2 gets underway, so stay tuned everyone!
What is your favorite part of this remodel? Is your home Northwest Rustic as well? Leave us a picture in the comments section – we would love to see it!

To see more of the before and after photos visit the contractor Lakeville Homes, blog.
*Photos courtesy of Lakeville Homes*

Why is the Space Needle Orange? We know the answer!

As most of you know, Seattle has a pretty spectacular land mark -the Space Needle. As some of you may, or may not know, it came from the World’s Fair here in Seattle in 1962. Yea, a little Seattle knowledge. You’re welcome!
Did you also know that when the Space Needle first arrived it was Orange? Well it was, and 2012 marks the 50 year anniversary of the Space Needle and the orange paint job starts the anniversary “summer season” for the birthday needle and Space Center. Cool huh!

The original debut of the Space Needle in “Galazy Gold”
Image courtesy of azzurrolou

This is where Arc.I.Tek comes in! That is our youth program we built in conjunction with The Seattle Architecture Foundation, The Seattle Center and The Next Fifty to help celebrate this amazing anniversary.
The first of the model making workshops kick-off this Saturday. Do you know anybody with kids ages 7-18 who would be interested? Great! Share this link, or download the PDF brochure here and share away!

Happy Birthday Space Needle!

New prize just added for Arc.I.Tek!

In our summer youth model making workshops Arc.I.Tek has three different age/grade levels to the competition:

Novice: Grades 1-4

Apprentice: Grades 5-8

Distinguished: Grades 9-12

The grand prize for the Distinguished age group is an internship at Miller Hull Architects – total score! The winning student will have some major cookie points to showcase on his/her college resume. “Who me? Yea, I already did an internship before I even WENT to college!” (Winning!) With such an awesome grand prize in one group, we wanted to make sure the other groups had similarly awesome, age appropriate prizes.

Today, thanks to our amazing sponsor Lakeville Homes, we now are so excited to announce to latest prize in the Arc.I.Tek prize pool: *drumroll*

One winning student will receive a Family Fun Deluxe Membership to KidsQuest Children’s Museum in Factoria!

"The Backyard" exhibit in KidsQuest Children's museum
"Waterways" exhibit in KidsQuest Children's museum
"The Tree House" exhibit in KidsQuest Children's museum
"The Garage" exhibit in KidsQuest Children's museum

KidsQuest Children’s Museum is a great¬†501(c)(3) non-profit organization that relies on the support of the community through memberships and donations, and the support of local corporations and foundations. ¬†Here is some more info about them and what a perfect fit they are with Arc.I.Tek:


Create learning through the power of play and exploration that connects children to their communities and the world


Be the trusted educational and cultural institution for all children and their families in the Puget Sound Region.

Core Values

Whole Family Learning

We support and encourage learning that engages the whole family ‚Äď children, their parents and their broader family‚Äď and offers opportunities for children and adults to learn together, about themselves and each other.¬† Understanding that each individual learns differently, our exhibits and programs meet the needs of different age groups and learning styles.

Innovation and Leading Edge Learning
We use emerging research and studies in early childhood education and family support to develop creative programs and exhibits.  We practice flexibility and, when appropriate, risk-taking to capitalize on our strengths, resources and opportunities to serve our community.

Patron Focus
We place the highest value on our patrons who support our organization and help us accomplish our mission.  We respect and appreciate their cultural, social and economic diversity, as well as their unique abilities and contributions.

We are committed to providing exhibits and programming that are accessible to our entire community, while providing age appropriate challenges and growth opportunities for the cognitive, physical, and emotional development stages of all children.  We honor and intentionally design diversity into our programming so that our Museum is a reflection of our community.

Community Building and Partnership
We strive to be a trusted community resource for the education of children, their families and our community.  Through collaboration and cooperation with public and private partnerships we accomplish more together.

We are trustworthy, open, honest and transparent in everything we do.

Fiscal Responsibility
We honor and embrace our fiduciary responsibility to manage our resources efficiently and effectively, and to remain accountable to our donors and funders.
You can find KidsQuest Children’s Museum on Facebook HERE or on their website HERE.

Stay tuned as we add more great prizes and updates to the Arc.I.Tek youth program.

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Contact Gelotte Hommas Architecture or The Seattle Architecture Foundation for more information
*photos courtesy of KidsQuest Children’s museum¬†

Meet Lakeville Homes – the main sponsor for Arc.I.Tek

Lakeville Homes is the main sponsor for our youth program Arc.I.Tek.

They are a home a custom home builder and remodeler who is CONSTANTLY winning awards. (all the time, seriously.)
Some of their amazing work:

If you get a chance head on over to their blog and check them out!
{images courtesy of Lakeville Homes}

Presenting the 2012 Arc.I.Tek youth program

Come and meet our super hero team called "The Arcitecks"
{click on the above image to view the Arc.I.Tek website}

We have been talking about this for almost a year, and we are so very proud to say it is finally here!
ARC.I.TEK is a program built for engaging and guiding young Seattle citizens in learning the process of architecture and design, developing their skill sets and assisting them to shape their vision of the future, ultimately empowering them to make a difference in Seattle.

Entrants, ages 7 thru 18 (grades 1-12), will arrive at Seattle Center’s Classroom of the Future to attend a 4 hour workshop lead by industry design professionals. ¬†A brief review of the history and legacy of the 1962 Seattle World’s Fair and Seattle Center will be covered, followed by a 3 hour design session for Seattle’s young citizens to build architectural concept models of their vision of a world’s fair in 2062.

Workshop Dates:  April 21st, May 19th, June 16th, July 21st, August 18th, and September 15th
Where: Seattle Center Classroom of the Future
Cost: $20 per entry, scholarships for attendance available upon request

An expression, webpage developed through the new hive [thenewhive.com], will be created for each entry by the ARC.I.TEK Program, which will go live starting September 22nd thru October 13th.  Entrants will be encouraged to share their designs thru the website.  The extent of how much their vision is shared and marketed through the new hive expression will be factored into the judging.
Select models will be on display throughout the Next50 celebration. Judging is based on the captured imagery of the models, the entrant’s description of their vision, and entrant’s engagement of Social media via the new hive.

Entrants are invited to come together to attend the ARC.I.TEK Grand Finale and Awards Ceremony on October 22nd, 2012!

Criteria for Judging: Sustainability, Innovation, Social Media, Aesthetics

AWARDS Categories will be defined for the varying age groups|grades:
Novice: Grades 1-4
Apprentice: Grades 5-8
Distinguished: Grades 9-12

Workshops will fill up fast, so make sure you book your tickets now through brownpapertickets.com.
See you all there!

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arc.i.tek is almost here!

Get ready for the youth event of the Summer!

We have hinted to you about a youth program we have been developing for the past few months. In partnership with; The Seattle Architecture Foundation, The Seattle Center and The Next Fifty we have architect-ed (get it) a fantastic summer youth program, so get ready because it starts NEXT MONTH!
Arc.I.Tek is a series of model making workshops for kids  ages 7-18 where the kids will be looking to the past 50 years of design in Seattle an applying that towards designing what they think the next fifty years will look like. Each model will be put into a design competition between the kids with the grand prize being an internship at Miller Hull Architects in Seattle. How cool is THAT?!

The First model making workshop is APRIL 21ST AT THE SEATTLE CENTER.
Tickets to the workshops are $20
Ticket’s will be available through BrownPaperTickets.com¬†
*tickets are not available yet. We will let you know as soon as they are available to purchase*

We are so excited for this event that will run all summer long through October.
Please contact Gelotte Hommas Architecture or The Seattle Architecture Foundation for more information