Finding Warmth in an Eclectic Home Library

A rich color palate and unique design elements are sure to entice any reader to this Gelotte Hommas designed library.
A rich color palate and unique design elements are sure to entice any reader to this Gelotte Hommas designed library.
All avid readers dream of a relaxing home library where they can get lost in the pages of a good book. The eclectically designed Seattle lake house, Hitari, showcases a unique, romantic` library that is sure to make any book lover salivate. Here’s how this homeowner blended tone, structure, eclectic interests, and imagination to create a vibrant library.


Rich tones make the space feel warm and intimate. From the lush, red Persian carpets, to the brown leather armchair and the golden finish of the bookshelves and balconies, rich textures and colors fill this space.


The balcony within this library invites readers to explore a seemingly endless array of books.
An indoor balcony displays the vast collection of books. Floor-to-ceiling bookshelves fill not one, but two stories in this expansive library. With the addition of the indoor balcony, one can admire the entire collection from either level.

Eclectic Unity

A custom fireplace ties the space together. By visually breaking up its wood surroundings, this gorgeous fireplace makes a bold statement while simultaneously drawing the eye up towards the second floor.


A travel motif ignites the imagination. Exotic animals are featured all over the space, with a zebra painting on the mantle and a taxidermy grizzly grinning at the books. Globes are also prominently featured in the design, with several globes of various colors and sizes adorning the floors, and a giant map covering the ceiling of the upper story. The entrance to the upstairs portion of the library is guarded by two figureheads, perhaps warning that adventure lies within the pages of these books!

If you’re hoping to add the library of your dreams to your home, contact Gelotte Hommas today for a design consultation.

The Beauty of the Great Indoors

The pacific northwest is known for its rustic beauty and pristine forests. Many of us live here because we love the great outdoors and it makes sense that we could want to bring that aesthetic into our homes. Cedar Haven is an amazing example of incorporating nature into a unique and luxurious home.

Side Exterior of Cedar Haven Home

It starts on the exterior of the home with the use of rough hued tree trunks as support columns and balusters. The trunks individual dimensions were taken into consideration and a hole was even cut in the roof of the overhang to accommodate this uncommon element.

Hallway of Cedar Haven Home

Inside, the use of natural material continues. Combining wood and glass in an unexpected way accentuates the organic nature of the wood while still providing privacy.

Staircase of Cedar Haven H ome

Organic curves are a key element to this modern yet rustic home. Each element was specifically chosen or designed to give the occupant the feeling of being in nature while also being clean and precise. Like camping in the woods without the dirt and bugs.

If you would like to bring natural elements into your home but don’t know where to begin then let the architects at Gelotte Hommas help you create a space that fits your personal needs.

This Woodsy Home Takes Retractable Windows to the Next Level

This versatile living space is surrounded by retractable windows on all four sides.
This versatile living space is surrounded by retractable windows on all four sides.

For those seeking optimal connectivity to their outdoor living spaces, retractable windows are a great way to bring the outside in. Gelotte Hommas masterfully designed The Woods Outback with a main living area that is surrounded by retractable windows on all four sides. This design allows guests to fully enjoy a bright, open living room, no matter what the weather.

These floor-to-ceiling windows let in an ideal amount of sunlight, and with weather permitting, they turn a beautiful living area into an elegant covered patio. The tile flooring flows continuously throughout both spaces and is versatile and durable enough to serve as both indoor and outdoor flooring.

One of the most interesting elements of the room is how the windows cut right through the kitchen, allowing homeowners the benefits of outdoor kitchen when they want one. With all the windows open, it’s possible to barbeque in the outdoor space. The room is also equipped with a wood stove that allows brave bakers to prepare delicious wood-fired pizza. The space is especially convenient, since all of the regular kitchen items are easily accessible from both sides. And with a fireplace and ample space, this unique layout is perfect for entertaining.

If you’re looking to incorporate retractable windows into your design, contact Gelotte Hommas Architects today. We’ll be happy to assist you with designing the home of your dreams.

Build Your Home to Live In Luxury With Nature

Designing for the outdoors

Living in nature can make you feel more connected to the world around you. At Gelotte Hommas, we completed a beautiful project called “The Woods Outback.” This gorgeous home is surrounded by nature, and every aspect of the home immerses you in its beauty. It incorporates some of the latest luxury home trends, and is great inspiration as you’re thinking of designing your new home. Here are some key points of this home’s natural design:

Designing for the outdoors
Source: Gelotte Hommas

  • A long walkway to the door is surrounded by local plants, so guests cannot help but enjoy the beauty of nature as they approach the home.
  • The kitchen continues with the natural theme, using natural light, natural wood for the floor, cupboards, and bar seating. It does have items such as pendant lights and a built-in oven, but these are subdued by the natural looking materials.
  • Long hallways end in large, clear windows so you get to enjoy a view of the outdoors as you move from room to room.

At Gelotte Hommas, we never limit our creativity or yours. We can work other elements into your home that allow you to live in nature. Here are some other ideas that you could incorporate into your home:

  • If your land is hilly, build part of the home into the hillside so that it appears to be a ranch from the front, but really has two stories.
  • Large picture windows in the living room area should face the most interesting part of your land or the scenery. You’ll hardly need decorations with nature in the background.
  • Consider incorporating a central courtyard into your design for easy access and a great view of the outdoors.

Contact Gelotte Hommas to learn more about our designs that make you feel immersed in nature.

Building a Home? Elements of the Coastal Style

At Gelotte Hommas, we specialize in turning your dreams for your new home in to a reality. No matter what style you are looking for, we know that fully capturing the feel of your new home lies in more than just making the exterior reflect a certain style. From the materials used to the form, rhythm, and light, there are a number of aspects that we take in to consideration.

Coastal design tips
Source: Gelotte Hommas

Take for example coastal-style homes. A lot more goes in to effectively achieving this style than simply locating your home near the coast. The look is sophisticated, but that does not mean it is difficult to pull off. Picking the right color palette, along with the right accessories, and you can capture coastal style no matter how far you are from the beach.

Setting the tone means picking colors that adhere to a palette based in whites, neutrals, grays, blues, and blacks. Couple that with large windows that let in lots of natural light. That natural light is the perfect highlight to the accessories that round out the coastal feel. Finishing coastal style homes involves introducing pieces of coastal art, or even just specimens collected from that last walk on the beach. There are any number of ways that they can be made a part of your new home’s decor, and they round out that coastal feel.

No matter the style, we have designed and built dream homes that double as works of art for our clients. If you are looking for someone to perfectly transition what you have in your heart in to reality, contact us.

Make Nature Meet the Modern In Your Home

incorporating nature into a home

You probably associate natural home building materials with old-fashioned homes. However, when used the right way, natural and environmentally friendly building supplies can enhance the modern look of your house.

incorporating nature into a home
Source: Gelotte Hommas

Use these tips and tricks to integrate natural materials into your home’s modern architecture:

  • Live edge slab tables are becoming quite common in modern homes. Live edge slabs are slices of wood cut from fallen trees; the edges are left natural. They have a very rustic look, but compliment minimalist decor and are also an environmentally-friendly alternative to tables made from milled wood.
  • Using textured, natural wooden beams to create exposed ceiling beams in a kitchen or dining room adds instant character to your room. The beams can be finished with a clear, natural finish for protection that does not cause discoloration.
  • There is nothing more natural than a full view of nature. If you have a beautiful backyard, or even a nice front yard, consider installing a floor-to-ceiling window so that you can enjoy the nice view through every season. Use long, full curtains to frame the window and to shut out light at night.
  • A fireplace is perfect for curling up on a chilly winter night. Many of today’s fireplaces are made with synthetic materials, but you can have one built with natural wood for a rustic feeling. To make it look more modern, choose a design that reaches from floor to ceiling.
  • Enhance the look of the natural wood in your home by installing plenty of lighting. Using modern industrial-style fixtures, such as simple stainless steel pendant fixtures, keeps your home looking chic.

Are you considering remodeling your home or building a new one? Contact us at Gelotte Hommas Architecture, and learn more about our modern architecture and interior decorating services that include natural materials.