Exploration Through Collaboration

Excellent home design is born from exploration and collaboration.

When a family of five approached Scott Hommas with their vision for a custom family home, they assumed they needed a traditional style house to blend with the rest of their neighborhood. Scott showed them otherwise.


Throughout the design process, the initial traditional concept morphed as the homeowners expressed preferences for specific stylistic choices. Flat roofs, large windows, and clean lines won out out as the homeowners began to realize that their home–beautiful and splendid in its unique design–didn’t have to mimic the choices of the surrounding homes. The stone-clad contemporary home rests just as comfortably on the lakeside as its established neighbors.

And that’s the beauty of exploration through collaboration. As architects, we love to hear your vision for your dream home, to listen as you describe the ideas you’ve been pondering for years. Your ideas inspire us.


Then it’s our turn. We put your ideas on paper and flesh them out; then, together, we dialog about the design. Now that you see your home, what would you change? How does it or does it not meet your expectations? Just as Scott did during the Meydenbauer Place project, we listen and discern our clients’ distinct preferences. We help read between the lines, so to speak.


Yet the collaboration doesn’t end with architect and client. Scott and (then) project manager Eric Drivdahl pondered this custom house together and drew upon each other’s creativity to create a home unique to and perfect for this family. Play spaces, a media room, and kid-friendly landscaping met symmetrical staircases, a grand entryway, and modern finishes for a timeless home that will serve the family well through every age and stage.

Work-from-home Options

The home office use to be the realm of CEO’s and intrepid entrepreneurs but these days things have changed. Of course, a home office can still be used for running your business but it doesn’t have to be. Having a space to store important documents and work on home budgeting can be just as important. With the complexity of life these days sitting down once a month at the kitchen table to make a budget just won’t cut it. A home office, no matter how small or large, creates a space to get work done.

Lakeside Lookout Office

This first office is almost more of a nook than an entire room. Two work spaces with ample storage puts everything you need within reach. The style is clean and uncluttered while still being highly functional.

Classic on the Green

If a larger, and more traditional look, is what you have in mind then this office might be just the thing. The dark wood and fireplace give the impression of a banking tycoon’s office is the late 1800’s but the flat screen tv playing the financial news is all modern luxury.

Sammamish Tuscan Estate

Another office that channels that old elegance is this stately room complete with bookcase and leather tufted chairs. There is a decidedly more masculine feeling to this home office.

Home Office of Cedar Haven Home

But if a large and modern space is more to your liking then there is this home office. There is plenty of storage in the room but also incredible floor to ceiling windows for those times when your mind wanders and you need something beautiful to look at.

No matter the size or style, a home office is a functional addition to your living space which can improve organization and work flow. If a home office is in your future then let Gelotte Hommas design you one to fit your needs.

Heart of the Home

We all tend to think that the living room, or perhaps the dinning room or patio, is going to be the social hub of the home but in the end everyone ends up in the kitchen. The kitchen also doubles as a homework help center, home office and snack station. So even if you aren’t a gourmet chef, or have aspirations to be one, the kitchen is still an integral part of the home and deserves a great deal of consideration.

Lakeside Lookout Kitchen

A large kitchen with a Mediterranean feel might fit your needs. The openness of the space makes it easy to move around and when all the party guests migrate into the room it won’t feel cramped. A neutral color scheme with hints of color make it a relaxing space to start your morning.

Concrete Floored Abode - a cabin on Lake Wenatchee

But maybe relaxing isn’t your thing. This vibrant kitchen will help you start your day. Red cabinets and a jazzy back-splash add color and excitement to this galley style layout. The large island with plush seating on one side also make it great for intimate and casual entertaining.

English Craftsman

Not everyone needs a flashy cooking space or one that is as big as some apartments. Quaint and rustic might be right up your alley. This craftsman style kitchen may be smaller in size but it still features all the necessary amenities. The semicircle design creates flow through the space and the openness to the living room allows traffic to enter and exit easily.

Each of these kitchens is distinct from the other but they all off a well designed layout which fits the homeowners needs and creates a pleasant place to linger. What does your dream kitchen look like? The architects at Gelotte Hommas can design a kitchen that fits your needs and style.

Contemporary Design in the Pacific Northwest

Not all homes in the Pacific Northwest are log cabins. Contemporary architecture is thriving in the Northwest and we have our own particular take on it. This Northwest Perspectives home is a perfect example of this. The home is modern and functional without being cold and aloof. As proof, just look at this stunning concrete fireplace.

Northwest Perspective

We often don’t think of concrete or cement being a high end building material but when done right it can really shine, literally. This versatile material can be stained and buffed to look nothing like its drab sidewalk cousin. The fireplace in this home has a smooth finish in a neutral gray tone. It is a statement piece that is not overpowering.

Northwest Perspective

Throughout the home an emphasis was made to have clean lines and open spaces. This shelving wall creates a sense of privacy without completely closing off the room. Air and light flow freely through it while at the same time being an excellent display area for art and collectibles.

Northwest Perspective

Even the shower has a very contemporary design. No fancy tile mosaics or claw foot tubs, although there are a few amenities. The bench and built-in shelf offer a place to set toiletries while the two separate shower heads provide luxurious options for cleanliness.

Contemporary Northwest homes capture the stylish yet relaxed atmosphere of the region. If this style speaks to you then contact Gelotte Hommas Architecture to see what we can design that fits both your style and needs.

Home is Where the Paws Are

Dog owners know the joy of coming home to a wagging tail and excited howls. We love our pets and want them to be happy and comfortable. This includes designing homes that cater to their needs. Here are a few dogs who are very happy with all the amenities of their new homes.

This grey hounds lives a fairy tale life in this remodeled Storybook Cottage. Large windows let in the light and warm the room which makes this couch the perfect napping spot.


It is a lucky chocolate lab who gets to call this house, with woods outback, home. Wide hallways and an open floor plan make it easy to chase a ball inside when the weather outside is too nasty for a walk. The stylish concrete floors not only look good but make it easy to clean up any accidents.


Golden retrievers are known for their love of water and this one is in heaven. Not only does this house have a pool but it is also in a splendid lakefront location. The dog may not appreciate that the contemporary style of this home won it a 2011 Gold Nugget Merit Award, but he probably likes the ample backyard and boat dock.

These houses prove that beautiful design can be functional and make ever member of the family happy.


Toasty in Bed

Having a hard time deciding whether to curl up in bed or curl up by the fire? Why choose one when you could do both at the same time with a fireplace in your bedroom? Before central heating took over it was a necessity to have a fireplace in the bedroom. These days it is a luxury to sleep by a roaring fire as well as wonderfully romantic. If you may be thinking that a return to the past would make your winter more pleasant then check out these three bedrooms to get inspired.

With all those windows it is easy to see why this house is called the Casa del Sol, but when the sun does down it is the perfect time to use the beautiful stone fireplace.


A bedroom does not have to be massive in size to accommodate a fireplace. True, a wood burning fireplace will require more space, but one which burns natural gas is more compact in size. They can also be turned on with a flick of a switch and you don’t need to sweep out ashes every couple of days.

If more space is available, then a pleasant seating area can be created. Built-in shelves on either side of the fireplace hold mementos and keep books within easy reach of comfortable chairs. Even though the lounge space feels separate from the sleeping area the soothing crackle of fire can still be heard while in bed.


Have any ideas come to mind as to how a fireplace can be incorporated into your bedroom? Drop us a line and we will be happy to discuss the design process with you.


Eat And Be Merry

Food is a necessity. We must eat to live, but we can also eat to celebrate, spend time together and commiserate. Now that the holiday season has begun, our minds turn to how we plan to accommodate all of our guests. Do we have enough room for everyone? Are there enough seats at our table for the whole family? We may not think about formal dining rooms during the rest of the year but during the holiday season they start to seem like a very good idea indeed. Perhaps one of these gorgeous dining rooms will be the center of your next celebration.The stately dining room in Classic on the Green incorporates a fresh, citrus color palette. 


The stately dining room in Classic on the Green incorporates a fresh, citrus color palette which downplays the formality of the room. The large arched doorway, beamed ceiling and built in display cabinets give the room a sophisticated charm.


Gelotte Hommas


Rich wood paneling is the star of this formal dinning room and can be seen throughout the Woodway Manor. Double doors can be closed to create a more intimate setting while unique furnishings, such as the mirrored sideboard, add an historical feel.




It is not impossible to imbue a coastal home design with traditional elements into your home.


Not all eating areas need to be so grand and formal. At this Coastal Cove home a relaxed beach design highlights the amazing view. Large windows and contemporary style make this the perfect place to enjoy a family breakfast. White walls and light colored flooring contribute to the breezy and bright feel of this room.


simplicity vs simpleness



Flexible space design is very popular right now. Combining the kitchen, living and dinning areas into one large open space is a hot architectural style these days. At this Casa del Sol you can certainly enjoy the sun while dinning in a relaxed setting. And when the meal is finished, your guests need only move a few feet to cozy up to the fire and continue the conversation.



Does your home need a new dining area? Or do you need a new home entirely? Gelotte Hommas Architecture designs both custom homes and remodels. So call us today to start planning the perfect place for your next celebration.




Let in the Light


Sunlight is a requirement for life. So why wouldn’t you let as much light into your home as possible? Big beautiful windows brighten a home and have the added benefit of offering nearly unobstructed views. Below are three examples of homes that use windows to brighten and enliven their main living area.

transparency in the home
A wall of windows offers gorgeous views from the main living area of this Lakefront home.  


Windows and doors become one at this Splendid Lakefront home. During the colder months the glass doors are shut- letting in only the breathtaking view. When the weather warms, the doors can be opened to create a seamless transition from indoors to outdoors. Smaller windows above the doors continue the home’s contemporary design and warm woodwork.

One of the best parts about high end homes, as the Sandwith Estate demonstrates, is the sheer amount of embellishment that can be put into them.
The scale of these windows at the Sandwith Estate add to the opulence of this sitting room. 






A high ceiling combined with double story windows flood this Sandwith Estate home with light. Large windows such as these offer amazing views even from the second story balcony. Combine these windows with soft cream colors and you have a relaxing and elegant space to wow your guests.


The Villa at San Sebastian is exhudes a light and airy atmosphere that's spacious, free flowing, and lets in lots of sunlight.
Light and dark combine to create drama at the Villa of San Sebastian





If two whole stories of windows is not enough light for you, then a skylight can always be added. This Villa home is awash with light thanks to its many windows and peak roof skylight. Dark wood trim contrasts the light cascading through the windows to create a more dramatic feel.




Need more light in your life? Gelotte Hommas Architecture can help you remodel your home to let the sun shine in or design you a completely new space in which to bask in luminous luxury.

Envy Worthy Entryways

Curb appeal may be a hot buzzword, but it is true that the visual impact of a home sets the tone for what is inside. Should the entrance to your home be large and monumental, giving a sense of opulence and grandeur? Or would something more understated and contemporary fit the home better? Here are a few examples of envy worthy entryways.

The Tuscan home design boasts numerous elements that you typically find in the Mediterranean style, from the grand arches and pillars that frame the entrances.
Circular windows appear often in Tuscan style homes.

This Tuscan style home features an entryway that is elegant and welcoming.  Stately columns emphasis the doorway and ground the old world arch above.


If your tastes are more contemporary then perhaps this entryway at our House in a Mountain Meadow will catch your eye. Wood and glass, combined with ample lighting, create a very welcoming entryway for this contemporary northwest home.

Quintessential mountain homes, like our House in a Mountain Meadow, are havens from the hustle and bustle of urban living.
Covered entryways are a must have for the drizzly weather of the Pacific Northwest.







Or maybe ‘bigger is better’ is your philosophy when it comes to the entrance to your home. This Lakefront Gothic home makes quite the impression, particularly when you arrive by boat. You will feel like royalty coming home to this palatial view each day.

The philosophy behind European Gothic designs like our Lakefront Gothic is "Go big or go home".
Although the front of this Lakefront Gothic home is beautiful, the back is absolutely stunning.


From intimate to opulent, the entrance to your home sets the stage for what is to come. In future post we will look at interior elements to incorporate into your dream home. Or, if you are ready to start designing your own haven, contact Gelotte Hommas Architecture today.

Designing Your Dream Home With a Panorama View

If you’re lucky enough to have one of those breathtaking panoramic views, then it’s important that you plan your home’s design with it in mind.
If you’re lucky enough to have one of those breathtaking panoramic views, then it’s important that you plan your home’s design with it in mind.

The interior and exterior of a home can be mesmerizing, but when you visit somebody who has a great view of their surroundings, chances are it’s the real showpiece that they want to share with you. If you’re lucky enough to have one of those breathtaking panoramic views, it’s important that you play up your home’s design the right way. A good architectural firm can help you with that, but there are some things you can do on your own just as a homeowner. Use this guide from Gelotte Hommas Architecture to help you design panoramic home views.

  • Don’t clutter the living space that has a great view with tons of furniture and decorative elements. It can be tempting to want to pile tons of seating and beautiful pieces of art or sculpture in a room with a view to make it look even better, but you want the focus to be on your view. Keep it simple with geometrically sound pieces of furniture and a limited color scheme.
  • Use natural looking elements to highlight your view of nature. For example, unfinished wood and stone work very well in rooms that have an impressive view of nature. Natural finishings work because they feel like a continuation of nature, even if you’re in your perfectly temperature controlled home.
  • Make sure the space in your home that has the view has plenty of light. During the day you will probably get enough natural light, but at night, that view may not be much of anything without some soft lighting in your home. It’s an easy mistake that many homeowners make, but it’s relatively easy to remedy by adding some wall sconces or floor lights to the area.

Contact Gelotte Hommas Architecture for more information about designing a house with panoramic home views.