A Pinch of Green

“For everyone is a visionary, if you scratch him deep enough. But the Celt, unlike any other, is a visionary without scratching.” W.B. Yeats

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! For more than 300 years, green has been the color of leprechauns, shamrocks, and (for more than 50 years) the Chicago River on March 17. Yet the fresh, vivid joy of green need not be restricted to St. Patrick’s Day festivities. The natural beauty of green features well in both interior and exterior home design. We’ve collected a few of our favorite verdant features.

Vibrant Bedroom

This bedroom comes to life with lime green walls, purple bedding, warm wood tones, and a glistening black concrete floor. The verdant theme continues into the adjoining room with a spacious green rug. Even throughout the rainy days of winter, this bedroom is a constant reminder of spring!

Lively Playroom

Green walls infuse a fresh, vibrant look into this spacious playroom. White trim and built-ins paired with beige carpet balance the room and ensure vibrance without overwhelming visitors.

Inviting Furniture

Use green to add a sophisticated splash of color to an overall neutral room. A pale green hutch and a mossy green chair cushion remain consistent with the natural, French country style while providing contrast to the neutral colors and natural woods throughout room.

Indoor Garden

Bring natural greens inside. This custom Seattle home invites the warmth of the outdoors into the comfort of a luxurious master bathroom. The stone walls and walkway of the private courtyard merge into the master grotto shower and bath. Small trees, vines, potted plants, and a rhododendron create a serene setting in which to enjoy a warm bath.

Top It Off

Bellevue architect Curt Gelotte topped off this custom Cabin on Lake Wenatchee with a green seamed metal roof. Crowning wood trusses, metal siding, and a stone wall, the green roof adds further intrigue to the home’s exterior design. The pine green roof melds with the surrounding woods without disappearing into them.


Gelotte Hommas Architecture wishes you a splendid St. Patrick’s Day!  

O Romeo, Romeo: The Delights of a Juliet Balcony

Get Storybook Cottage Style

“O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?”

Juliet balconies blur the boundaries between indoor and outdoor living. Bellevue architect Eric Drivdahl took full advantage of a Juliet balcony when he transformed an attic bedroom into a master suite.

During his Seattle remodel of a custom storybook house, Eric sought ways to maximize light in this renovated master suite. The Juliet balcony provided the perfect opportunity. It invites natural light and fresh air into the home. The owners can fling open the French doors, curl up in nearby chairs, and enjoy a warm summer breeze as they sip their coffee and read their books.

What’s more, the Juliet balcony increases the perceived size of the room. By adding the French doors with a steel railing, the room extends beyond the strict lines of the walls and invites the lake view into the home.

The Juliet balcony also increases the exterior aesthetic of the home. The dramatic, red-cased French doors situated just under the roof peak draw observers’ eyes upward and encourages them to enjoy the full beauty of this custom house. In this instance, the Juliet balcony’s steel railing continues the line left off by the full balcony.

Because Juliet balconies don’t protrude from the building, they’re a simple way to increase the enjoyment of your living space without the rigors of structural evaluations or considerations of exterior space. The reward of an open, light-filled, airy space makes Juliet balconies a worthwhile consideration.

Architecture Ideas: Making Your Walls Into Art

Concrete design tips

Instead of covering your walls with art, why not make the walls themselves a part of your home’s artwork? At Gelotte Hommas Architecture, we take an artistic approach to every home design, and we have designed many homes in which the choice of materials, placement, and shape of walls have played vital roles in the home’s overall artistic nature. Here is a look at a few artistic wall architecture trends that you can use to enhance your home’s look.

  • Choose wall materials of contrasting textures. Some materials, such as traditional drywall and metal, have smooth textures that cause them not to call any attention to themselves when used alone. When you pair some of these smooth wall surfaces with a rough wall made of wood, concrete, or brick, you suddenly notice the artistic contrast between the smoothness and the roughness.
  • Concrete is the key to simplicity. Less is often more when it comes to designing artful walls. A few well-placed flowers against a concrete exterior wall can create a balanced and modern look. If your goal is simplicity, then there truly is no better choice than poured concrete, which is also an affordable option.
  • Consider adding some greenery. If you want to give your concrete exterior wall some more personality and help it blend into the scenery for a more natural look, then install a trellis on all of part of your building’s outer walls. Plant a beautiful vining plant at the base, and within a few seasons, you will have a beautiful building covered in greenery.

At Gelotte Hommas Architecture, we are proud to design homes that are true expressions of your inner artistic nature. Contact us to learn about more modern architecture trends and how to take advantage of them in your home.

Build Your Home to Live In Luxury With Nature

Designing for the outdoors

Living in nature can make you feel more connected to the world around you. At Gelotte Hommas, we completed a beautiful project called “The Woods Outback.” This gorgeous home is surrounded by nature, and every aspect of the home immerses you in its beauty. It incorporates some of the latest luxury home trends, and is great inspiration as you’re thinking of designing your new home. Here are some key points of this home’s natural design:

Designing for the outdoors
Source: Gelotte Hommas

  • A long walkway to the door is surrounded by local plants, so guests cannot help but enjoy the beauty of nature as they approach the home.
  • The kitchen continues with the natural theme, using natural light, natural wood for the floor, cupboards, and bar seating. It does have items such as pendant lights and a built-in oven, but these are subdued by the natural looking materials.
  • Long hallways end in large, clear windows so you get to enjoy a view of the outdoors as you move from room to room.

At Gelotte Hommas, we never limit our creativity or yours. We can work other elements into your home that allow you to live in nature. Here are some other ideas that you could incorporate into your home:

  • If your land is hilly, build part of the home into the hillside so that it appears to be a ranch from the front, but really has two stories.
  • Large picture windows in the living room area should face the most interesting part of your land or the scenery. You’ll hardly need decorations with nature in the background.
  • Consider incorporating a central courtyard into your design for easy access and a great view of the outdoors.

Contact Gelotte Hommas to learn more about our designs that make you feel immersed in nature.

Consider a More Modern Bungalow Style for Your Home

bungalow style home

Every area of the country has its own interpretation of the bungalow-style home. From the long and lean brick bungalows in Chicago to the light, wooden West Coast bungalows with airy porches, this style of home has made its way from one end of the country to the other.

No matter where you live, the core design feature of bungalow style homes is cozy living and a few consistent features:

  • Detached garages that are accessible from a back alley or side driveway.
  • Living and sleeping areas all on one floor.
  • Living rooms anchored by large fireplaces nestled between built-in cabinetry.
  • Modest kitchens with stained wood and cozy breakfast nooks.
  • Basic bathrooms with minimal decorative features.

    bungalow style home
    Source: Gelotte Hommas

Upgrading and Expanding Bungalow Style Homes

In spite of their modest roots, most bungalows feature beautiful open floor plans that make them easy to update and fit modern living expectations. Expanding the kitchen is a common upgrade to give homeowners more space.

Another common upgrade is the conversion of attic space into additional bedrooms. The angled walls practically beg for built-in dressers, shelving, and cabinetry and the lowered ceilings make each room cozy and comfortable.

While the original bathrooms in bungalow homes were modest in decoration, they typically have ample space to accommodate additional features and fresh finishes.

Sturdy Charm and Built-In Style

If you have a bungalow home or are thinking of purchasing one and updating its features, let Gelotte Hommas Architecture show you how to take advantage of the natural sturdiness and beautiful craftsman and arts & crafts style to modernize your living space without losing the charm.

For more information on this style of home or for information on starting your dream-home build, contact us today.

Kirkland Farmhouse: great design that’s budget savy

Traditional architecture on a budget

Our project KIRKLAND FARMHOUSE recently finished. This gorgeous traditional style project is a beautiful example of good design on a budget.
Traditional architecture on a budget

These clients came to us a little apprehensive that we could design them a custom dream home on a budget. Our reply, to their delight, was of course we can!
Traditional architecture on a budget











The final cost on this project was just $185 a sq foot.

Traditional architecture on a budget









To see more of pictures this project, please visit our website HERE


How to Pick the Right Architect for Your Project

How to Pick the Right Architect for Your Project
How to Pick the Right Architect for Your Project
From start to finish, a professional architect should act as a planner and guide for your dream project.

When it comes to building your dreams and turning them into a reality, how to choose the right architect can play a pivotal role in the process. Regardless of your project’s budget, you need someone who you can trust to help turn your ideas into something solid and true.

Here are a few important considerations when selecting your architect:

  • Interview your selections thoroughly, including examining their portfolios, to see how compatible their work is with what you have in mind for your ideas.
  • Look through a potential architect’s body of work to ensure that their style matches your preferences and needs.
  • When making your decision, balance out cost with other considerations. Avoid making everything about your budget, keeping in mind that, in most cases, ‘you get what you pay for.’ Take the time to measure compatibility with your architect, as well as the firm’s professionalism, their abilities in design, and their technical prowess.
  • Ask about how they will approach your project, including bringing in consultants, how much human power it will take to make it a reality, and what their process is in turning your dreams into a reality.
  • Most importantly, keep in mind that this is your brainchild, and it should work for you – choose your architect accordingly.

Knowing how to choose the right architect for your project can be a lifesaver for getting exactly what you want for your ideas. Whether you’re building a dream home to a dream business, make sure you’re getting exactly what you want.

Image via Gelotte Hommas

Project House-Float commences tomorrow!

Our project English Country Estate begins demolition tomorrow, and this is not your average demo.


The clients came to us wanting to build a gorgeous new English Estate, but they wanted to salvage the existing home by moving it to their property in the San Juan Islands. Starting tomorrow the existing home will be cut into three pieces, cranes onto a barge, and then floated all the way up to the San Juan’s where the home will be put back together.

The existing home that is being moved tomorrow

Once the demo is complete we will begin construction on this gorgeous 8,000 sq ft. English country Estate.

Extensive rock work and lush gardens are in store for our waterfront client
The English Countryside right in the heart of Bellevue

Check back tomorrow on our facebook page for live coverage of the move!

Home Design with Your Life in Mind: The Entertainer

When purchasing, building, or remodeling a home, the architecture and design of your space are meant to enhance your life there, not inhibit it. Reflecting who you are in your home goes beyond decor, paint, and furniture; every beam, nail, and board should work to cohesively make your space the best that it can be for you as an individual. We’re starting a series on the Gelotte Hommas blog to showcase rooms, homes, and spaces designed for various personalities, starting out with The Entertainer. Are you the socialite of any social gathering? Love to host to dinner parties and get togethers? Enjoy helping people meet other people and the buzz of conversation? If so, you’re an Entertainer (with a capital E), and your space needs to live up to the challenge. Here are a few of the rules that your home should follow to fit your needs:

The Entertainer needs ample space for get-togethers and groups within the home.

Open floor plans are a bit of a “buzz” word in the architectural and home design world at the moment, but this style of architecture is anything but a mere trend. Having your rooms flow seamlessly into one another allows you breathing room, space, and the perfect entertaining setting, as guests can join you in the kitchen, in the dining room, or in the living room while still being able to view guests and the party in general throughout the space.

Wood Stone Water home from Gelotte Hommas Architecture
Large windows, open spaces, and an open balcony make this living space feel larger than life.

In our “Wood Stone Water” home in Bellevue, the architects of Gelotte Hommas created an open, welcoming environment perfect for entertaining. Large windows and open spaces make the room feel even larger, helping guests to avoid feeling stuffy, and create a great space for visitors to flow through as they enjoy group interaction and intimate conversations alike. The large windows provide great scenery and ample conversation starters. Interesting features within the home,  including an indoor waterfall spanned by a delicate wood bridge in the living room, make the house interesting, inviting, and the perfect vessel for a host or hostess.

Preparation is part of the party, so make every space social.

Any regular party host knows that your job is never done, and you’re often handing party management tasks while talking with guests and enjoying the festivities yourself. Make spaces like the kitchen inviting and open so that your guests can enjoy your company while you whip up extra hors d’ oeuvres  or mix a signature cocktail. Our “House on Pine Lake” as a perfect example:

open, modern kitchen designed by Gelotte Hommas
Expansive counter space and in-kitchen seating welcome guests to a behind-the-scenes moment.

The beautiful, modern kitchen in our House on Pine Lake provides seating for guests so that they can enjoy conversation with you while you finish up a few drinks or snacks. Ample bar and counter space provide room for a wonderful food display or just a space to serve to the helping hands of a catering staff.

Behind every great Entertainer there’s a relaxing getaway.

Even socialites need to recharge, and while your home should be designed to accommodate groups in great entertaining spaces, you should also have a niche that’s all about you. A spa shower or bathroom gives you a place to soak away pre-party stress or to relax away a job well done when the final guest says farewell.

spa shower from Gelotte Hommas Architecture
A spa shower can relax away even the most stressful party planning.

A beautiful, welcoming spa shower gives you the perfect space to relax. Beautiful, natural tile provides a soothing environment as you wash away all of your cares.


Are you an Entertainer? How does your home design fit your personality? If you’re not exactly a socialite, stay tuned: We have other personality and design features coming up next month!

Working Your Architectural Angles

Three of the main tenants of the design theory and mindset at Gelotte Hommas Architecture are form, beauty, and architecture. A good architect needs the same know-how as a Super Model: You have to know how to work your angles.

Geometric patterns are one of the biggest, booming trends in fashion today. From the ever popular chevron to a well-defined diamond outline, geometry and angles are making a huge comeback. The trend is all about working angles and shapes in a creative, modern way, and it gets down to a simple truth:

"deep down we all love math" t-shirt


This new trend in fashion is getting down the heart of something architects have known for years: Angles and geometric patterns are a part of life, and we can use them to better form and beauty at once. While you may not have loved math class, these patterns and forms are something you probably appreciate daily in your home. Our “House in a Mountain Meadow” in Issaquah, WA, is a great example:

geometric hall in Issaquah home
Angles work together for strong form, function, and geometric beauty.

In this hallway, rafters go beyond basic support to add an element of style to the space, bringing the eye upwards to enjoy the blend of triangles, trapezoids, and more with a ceiling that’s anything but boring. Various shapes and angles from the walls, skylights, rafters, and furniture blend together for a modern and geometrically interesting space that’s warm and inviting.

While this resurgence in the love of geometric form and balance in fashion may someday go out of style, in your home, it’s a timeless look that keeps your space interesting and intriguing as well as purposeful and gorgeous.

What other architectural influences have you seen in today’s fashion world? Share your findings in a comment.

T-shirt Photo via Flickr CC.

Whimsical Garage from Gelotte Hommas Featured in Houzz

While Facebook and Twitter keep you up to date with friends, news, and memes, and Pinterest has you planning your yoga strategy and cookie recipes hand in hand, Houzz is the go-to corner of the web for the architecturally minded. Showcasing beautiful spaces and the teams behind them, Houzz catalogs well-designed and interesting spaces from around the world. Gelotte Hommas was extremely flattered to find one of our designs featured as an exemplary “man cave,” especially with Father’s Day right around the corner.

gelotte hommas featured in houzz

Our whimsical garage for a Seattle-based professional Porsche driver was featured as a “man cave” dream space. In their feature, Houzz focused not just on the design, but the client behind it, an essential element to any personal architectural space.

The garage blends in with the other homes and structures in the area from the exterior, employing natural tones and architectural features typical of cabins and farmhouses to make the garage seem more approachable and at home that a stark, more industrialized design. Inside, the space becomes a burst of color and life, creating an environment of encouragement and creativity for the homeowner as he resurrects dilapidated cars into a renewed glory:
We’re flattered to have been featured so prominently in Houzz and happy that the homeowner can enjoy and take advantage of a “man cave” designed specifically with him in mind and to meet the needs of his passion for restoring older cars.
Is your dream man cave a garage? Theater room? A library? Tell us about your ideal in-home getaway. Want to learn more about this specific project?  Read the full article on our garage design on Houzz.

Western Exposure: A room with a view

With the weather slowly warming to reveal the temperatures of Spring and Summer, we naturally gravitate outdoors. Whether you’re a kayak enthusiast, bicyclist, or just enjoy a glass of wine out on a patio, chances are you’ll find yourself outside a lot more this season. Windows aren’t just the eyes of the home–They allow you to bring the outside in, an ever important aspect of architecture as the temperatures continue to rise to the occasion for summer fun.

Casa del sol home from Gelotte Hommas
The living area of Casa Del Sol offers exposure to the outdoors so you can move seamlessly between the coziness of indoors and the expansive beauty outside.

In Casa Del Sol, A Seattle Homes & Lifestyles Home of the Year, the Gelotte Hommas design did a great deal to welcome the outdoors in. With a modern aesthetic applied to natural materials, the home reflects nature while leaving as much window space possible to welcome in the sunset, sunrise, and beautiful views; even the master suite of this beautiful home is wrapped in glass on three sides to allow the perfect view of the gorgeous scenery.

cape cod shingle style from Gelotte HommasOur Cape Cod Shingle Style also made sure to take in the view, offering a stunning skyline to enjoy from the living room and patio. French doors connect outdoor living to indoor living space, perfect for entertaining during the warmer months. The eyebrow window spans the entire length of the west side of the home to make the most of the home’s view of the Puget Sound.

With such natural splendor available in Washington, it’s only natural that your home should make the most of the view and lighting of nature around you. Capitalize on light with a Western view that allows you take in the splendor of the sunset, or create a panoramic view with expansive floor to ceiling windows on the side of your home with the best view. When is the last time you got to sit back and take in the sunset? With a well-designed space, it’s possible and effortless every evening.