Client Testimonials

In our business word of mouth and client recommendations go a long way. We truly strive to deliver the dream to each and every one of our clientele. Below are just a few testimonies. Please contact to submit your own recommendation.
Curtis Gelotte and Scott Hommas
Curt Gelotte (Senior Principal, AIA)    &      Scott Hommas (Principal, AIA)

posted by lynnc
Relationship to Gelotte Hommas Architecture: Client

We hired Gelotte Hommas to design our main home. We worked directly with Scott Hommas and Eric Drivdahl. The team did a great job helping us to select what we would want in a home without going overboard. I also felt like our team really listened to how we lived and what we wanted. A good test of whether or not it was a good project is if you are happy in the end – we are THRILLED. We also don’t have anything that we would change which means they helped us think of everything up front. I highly recommend Gelotte Hommas!

posted by macodespoti
Relationship to Gelotte Hommas Architecture: Client

We worked with Gelotte Hommas Architecture to design a contemporary home for us that took advantage of a 15,000 square foot lot on a bluff that has views of a lake and mountain range. The lot slopes from east to west. Their design approach considered the lot, views, environment, our lifestyle and budget. At each phase of the process, we met to review the overall design and changes. They offered great ideas on incorporating elements that met our lifestyle criterion, and provided additional views on how certain features could contribute to our desired outcome. For example, we had a great room concept, but wanted some way to feel that the living area was separate from the kitchen. They came up with a great idea to incorporate a wood ceiling element in the living room that created a sense of separation and added an interesting design element to the room. The team had a great attitude; always being willing to consider requested changes, while being sure such changes did not create issues with the overall design, functionality or budget. We would highly recommend Gelotte Hommas. They offer relevant thinking, are diverse in their design approach, professional, flexible and extremely knowledgeable.

posted by ccoulter
Relationship to Gelotte Hommas Architecture: Client

Curt Gelotte designed our fabulous custom home. We planned for this to be our first and last home we were going to build, so we had to get it right. He was able to start working with us, even though we hadn’t relocated from overseas. We gave him a floor plan and a few ideas and he was able to create a beautiful custom style that was more than we could have envisaged. Curt and his team were great to work with and if we were ever to build again we wouldn’t hesitate to use him again. He puts so much into his designs he really becomes part of the family. He chooses his staff similarly, and so they are seamless team of professional where they always were available and able to assist. He worked well with our Builder and we completed on time and within budget.

posted by laughlover
Relationship to Gelotte Hommas Architecture: Client

Scott Hommas and his team provided the complete home design package from start to finish, including design, engineering, and project management. This was our first time through such an endeavor and Scott and team provided the perfect level of pampering and patience. Scott has been gifted with the ideal balance of artistic talent and intellectual know how; which is complimented by his vast experience of most styles and types of houses.Our house is a Northwest Contemporary design, which because of the lot had many complexities associated with it. Scott adroitly solved all the problems, with minimal cost escalations. We had a tight budget which they adhered to without sacrificing the scope and feel of the house.

I was also impressed how well Scott and team were about designing the house to satisfy the rigors of permitting a building project in Bellevue. The process went smooth with virtually no big hiccups.

If you want the highest quality architect experience, a street of dreams quality home, with minimal hassles you need to go with this team.

posted by William Kennedy
Relationship to Gelotte Hommas Architecture: Client

Well, summer is (sort of) here again, and I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how much we’re enjoying our outdoor space. And the larger master bedroom. And our new family room cabinets. And new kitchen island.
It’s all working out great. I’ve given out both of your names to several folks; I don’t know if it’s resulted in any actual additional business but I’ll keep it up.
Thanks for all of the hard work from both of you (and your teams). We’re really happy with the results.– William

posted by carapace
Relationship to Gelotte Hommas Architecture: Client

Scott Hommas designed a wonderful English Arts & Crafts home for us. He listened to us and was willing to suggest ways we could use our craft & design abilities to create architectural details that readily fit into the overall technical plans. Four years later we still love it and enjoy how things (windows, doors, kitchen sink) seem to be “in the right place” for the way we live.

posted by nancykellogg
Relationship to Gelotte Hommas Architecture: Client
Every homeowner who begins a remodel project, just wants to be heard! Curt Gelotte listens! With attentive consideration of our personal vision, and the emotional welcome we wanted for family and guests in our new kitchen, the plan was pulled together with grace in an impossible amount of space! If you have vision, Curt will bring it to Blueprint; Where you fall short, he has ample supply to fill in the dream with incredible depth of kind suggestions that still values you in the process. His attention to detail is what made the space glow! Each day I feel blessed to enjoy what was created. No matter the style, Curt is able to deliver expertise with grace. Welcome him to your project!
posted by tebrownmd
Relationship to Gelotte Hommas Architecture: Client

My wife and I are in the process of residential construction. I would highly recommend Scott and his firm based on our experience in this process. Scott is very talented and is able to synthesize budget constraints, needs and “wants” in designing a home. We are so pleased with his ideas and in devloping the working relationship with our building contractor. Personally, he is warm, accessible and communicates very well. Again, highest recommendation.

posted by jahlf
Relationship to Gelotte Hommas Architecture: Client

My wife and I used Gelotte Hommas for our remodel. We have a 1937 Brick Tudor that when added onto we wanted it to look as if the new part of the house had always been there from an architectural standpoint. They did an incredible job using original designs and pulling them through on the exterior. They also gave us tons of ideas we would never have come up with on the interior had we done it ourselves. We are very a happy with the project. Our neighbors even comment on how well the new addition ties into the original house. That is the main judge of quality in my opinion!

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