Getting to Know You

Gelotte Hommas Drivdahl Architecture thrives on relationships. Our clients trust us with their dream homes, with the ideas they’ve been gathering and treasuring for years. We take seriously that trust. We strive to build on it and to create an environment where our clients (you!) feel heard, understood, and valued.

30th Anniversary 197
Curtis Gelotte (far right) at the annual Gelato, Hummus, and Drinks anniversary celebration.

As we enter into your vision for your home project, we learn about your preferences, your lifestyle, and your vision. Here’s how we begin every home project.

Understanding Your Life

We understand that there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to your home. Your needs are unique. As we get to know you, we ask you to fill out a Lifestyle Questionnaire that walks you through many of the details that go into a home. It’s full of prompts and questions that begin to uncover your unique story.

Understanding Your Ideas

Your dream house ought to be uniquely you. To understand your long-held dreams, we ask for your scrapbook of ideas–those images, articles, and other items that you’ve been collecting as you ponder your project. Houzz and Pinterest are great tools for collecting your images and notes in a format that’s easily accessible to the rest of your design team.

Understanding Your Vision

Most importantly, we listen. In every meeting, our ears are attuned to your preferences, your concerns, and your vision. You’ve essentially invited us into the your home–although that home’s yet to break ground–and your input is vital. We are artists, and your vision is our inspiration.


Ultimately, our goal is to partner with you in your custom home design journey. As one of our architects wrote, “We are doing our job when you can go home in the evening and not worry about what you should be doing next in the process. Our goal is to accept all of that responsibility so you don’t have to worry.”  

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