Designing Around the View of Your Dreams

This natural wood deck blends in well with its woodsy surroundings.
This natural wood deck blends in well with its woodsy surroundings and provides views of the ocean beyond.
“Location, location, location.” So goes the real estate cliche. Yet it’s true. Setting is a key component in maximizing a home’s beauty, especially for a vacation home. For those seeking a serene, breathtaking view, incorporating a design that enhances the natural beauty of the area ensures that you’ll love the home for years to come.

Incorporate natural elements into the design.

The Gelotte Hommas’ High Above the Water exemplifies a design concept in which the building materials work harmoniously with the beauty of its woodsy location. Both the interior and exterior of the house incorporate a rocky façade into the design, and the high beams, exposed wood, and earth tones further highlight the house’s connection to the surrounding forest.

Make the most of high ceilings and large windows.

Vaulted ceilings and floor-to-ceiling windows invite a plethora of light into the house and give the main living area an open feel. The windows give the illusion of continuous flow from the inside of the house to the lakeside beyond.

Include a deck for outdoor living.

Of course, no house with a view would be complete without a beautiful deck. The outside living space allows homeowners and guests the opportunity to fully enjoy the fresh air and sunshine.

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