Blurring Boundaries

Stunning scenery graces so much of the Pacific Northwest, and natural beauty is a splendid asset to the design of any home. Even on the rainiest of days, rich home design unites the refuge of home with the wonder of the outdoors.


Make effective use of glass. Glass doors and floor-to-ceiling windows let in plenty of natural light and can make the outdoors feel like part of your home. Glass creates fluid movement between interior and exterior spaces. To make this flow even more effective, install the same type of floor inside and on your patio or outdoor living space.



Install a corner window. Putting a window in the corner of a room provides an uninterrupted view of your surroundings and allows more sunlight to reach the interior of your home.


Secret Gardens

Add an entrance to a private garden. If you’re planning on having a small garden off the master bedroom, consider glass sliding or French doors. These doors let you see the garden at all times and make it feel like a natural extension of your room.

Work with a View

Give a home office spectacular views. Place your home office on the upper floor instead of having it tucked away on the first floor. Put the desk in front of large windows that provide beautiful views of the outdoors.


Our Sandwith Estate project offers additional home design inspiration. Visit our online portfolio to view images of the completed project.

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