Gelato, Hummus, & Drinks

Last Friday, contractors and clients gathered in the Gelotte Hommas home–our Bellevue office–to celebrate 34 years of design, partnerships, and artistry.

We anticipate this event every spring–Gelato and Hummus. It’s our opportunity to connect with the people and the stories who make our work possible, to catch up on family news, the evolution of businesses, and your future dreams.


Yet this year marked a divergence from past events. We added “Drinks” to our menu and told you there’d be a special announcement.

As the proverbial clock struck five, our guests gathered in our conference room. Curt Gelotte and Scott Hommas began to tell the story or our firm and of a self-proclaimed “young, snot-nosed architect” who began his career at GHA 16 years ago. That architect, Eric Drivdahl, has since grown in both his artistry and his love for client service, and on March 31, 2017 we warmly welcomed him as a name partner in our firm.


As Curt proposed a toast to Eric and the future of the firm, our guests’ excitement was tangible. “He deserves it!” one colleague said. And with that announcement, the three partners unveiled our new name: Gelotte Hommas Drivdahl Architecture.

We’re thrilled to move into the next chapter of our firm and, with Eric’s added leadership, to continue serving our clients and delivering artful custom homes. But this won’t be the end of our celebrations this year. There’s more on the horizon!

Thank you to all who shared in our “celebration of partnership” and who continue to work with us, inspire us, and trust us with their dreams.







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