Architectural Artistry

In the world of home building and ownership, obstacles are almost a given. If this were not so, there wouldn’t be an entire television channel devoted to home remodels! But the Bellevue architecture firm Gelotte Hommas embraces design challenges and creates opportunities for artistry.

Steve Jobs once said that “design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” Whether technology or architecture, function is an integral part of great design. A home shouldn’t merely look good. It should work well.

When designing the Asian Ambiance custom remodel, Scott Hommas discovered that two key facets of the home needed to reside in the same space: the downspouts and the exterior lighting. So, Scott picked up his pencil and began to sketch.

The result? Custom exterior lights.

The outdoor light fixtures straddle the sleek downspouts to consolidate space and maintain balance in the overall design. What’s more, Scott designed lights reminiscent of Asian lanterns. The custom light fixtures uniquely complement this home’s Asian design theme with coordinated lines, colors, and functionality.

Gelotte Hommas’ Seattle-based architects view design challenges as opportunities for architectural artistry. Not long ago, we discussed another example of creative problem solving in the face of space constraints.

We’d love to discuss opportunities for creativity design in your new home or remodel project.

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