A Pinch of Green

“For everyone is a visionary, if you scratch him deep enough. But the Celt, unlike any other, is a visionary without scratching.” W.B. Yeats

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! For more than 300 years, green has been the color of leprechauns, shamrocks, and (for more than 50 years) the Chicago River on March 17. Yet the fresh, vivid joy of green need not be restricted to St. Patrick’s Day festivities. The natural beauty of green features well in both interior and exterior home design. We’ve collected a few of our favorite verdant features.

Vibrant Bedroom

This bedroom comes to life with lime green walls, purple bedding, warm wood tones, and a glistening black concrete floor. The verdant theme continues into the adjoining room with a spacious green rug. Even throughout the rainy days of winter, this bedroom is a constant reminder of spring!

Lively Playroom

Green walls infuse a fresh, vibrant look into this spacious playroom. White trim and built-ins paired with beige carpet balance the room and ensure vibrance without overwhelming visitors.

Inviting Furniture

Use green to add a sophisticated splash of color to an overall neutral room. A pale green hutch and a mossy green chair cushion remain consistent with the natural, French country style while providing contrast to the neutral colors and natural woods throughout room.

Indoor Garden

Bring natural greens inside. This custom Seattle home invites the warmth of the outdoors into the comfort of a luxurious master bathroom. The stone walls and walkway of the private courtyard merge into the master grotto shower and bath. Small trees, vines, potted plants, and a rhododendron create a serene setting in which to enjoy a warm bath.

Top It Off

Bellevue architect Curt Gelotte topped off this custom Cabin on Lake Wenatchee with a green seamed metal roof. Crowning wood trusses, metal siding, and a stone wall, the green roof adds further intrigue to the home’s exterior design. The pine green roof melds with the surrounding woods without disappearing into them.


Gelotte Hommas Architecture wishes you a splendid St. Patrick’s Day!  

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