Asian Artistry

More than seventeen years ago, a client approached Scott Hommas with a dated lake house and a desire to transform the cabin into a functional, elegant home.

Tucked along a popular Seattle lake, the original home offered an intimate, one-story retreat on the water. Subsequent owners added a second story and balcony, while still maintaining the lakeside home’s snug charm. Scott’s client hoped to continue the home’s evolution and to weave Asian design influences into the Pacific Northwest lake house.

This lakeside home evolved from a one-story retreat to a three-story home.

Scott and his client sought to draw out the home’s original character while transitioning from a dated design to a timeless, modern craftsman home. The custom remodel incorporated an inviting third-floor entry that welcomed visitors following their dramatic descent down the steep driveway.

The extra-wide front door opens into a contemporary Asian foyer. A traditional painted screen and Eastern art display stand in exhibition across the stunning interior bridge, and exposed beams and matching railings meld contemporary Eastern design with craftsman style details.

An interior bridge leads from the main entrance to an exquisite display of East Asian art.

Below, the home continues to showcase the owner’s East Asian collection. From the front entry to the second floor, the stair-step display offers a home to three Eastern statues. The living room mantle boasts three more statues to complement the rural landscape painting on the adjacent wall.

The home’s climax comes in the library. Architecture, art, and refuge meet in the solace of the warm fireplace and timeless, well-proportioned shelves.

A tall, stunning library invites residents to curl up by the fire and enjoy the surrounding artistry.

While this project is more than seventeen years old, it reminds us that quality design is timeless. The Eastern-craftsman style remains as warm and relevant now as it did when it was first conceived.

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