This month, the Gelotte Hommas Architecture office is decked out in holiday cards from our clients, contractors, and consultants. We find great joy in the relationships we’ve built over the years, and each holiday card we receive reminds us of a distinct story—your story!




Our clients invite us to help shape their homes, and our contractors and consultants join us on the journey to create a distinct sense of place for each client. We can’t help but become attached to the people we encounter through this process, so it brings us joy to know that you remembered us in your holiday greetings. There’s no greater gift to us than to know you’re enjoying the holiday season within the warmth of your home.




It’s for this same reason that we also love sending holiday cards. Last week, we gave you a look back on our holiday card tradition. This week, we’ll give you a brief look at our 2016 holiday card.




Scott Hommas and Daniel Carpenter collaborated to craft stylized images of the tools of the architectural trade. Compasses, pencils, paintbrushes, and pens merge to create truly unique snowflakes against a wintery blue background.

We’d be honored to send you a Christmas card! Join our holiday card mailing list!




We thank you for remembering us in this holiday season, and we wish you all the best this Christmas weekend!

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