GHA Holiday Cards: A Look Back

If you’ve ever worked with Gelotte Hommas, you’ve likely grown accustomed to finding a specially designed holiday card in your mailbox each year.

The inaugural Gelotte Hommas Christmas card design found its way to mailboxes in 1986, and we’re happy to have continued the tradition ever since.

Each November, we hold a contest to determine that year’s design. Once we’ve selected a unique design and the card design goes to print, we hold a signing party where the entire office spends an evening hand-signing each and every card. We enjoy all that goes into the holiday card process simply because we love our clients!

We’ve rounded up a few Christmas cards from years past. Take a look!


Holiday card from 1986

The card that started it all. This beautiful holiday card was the one designed and sent out in 1986. And thus began one of our favorite traditions!


Holiday card from 2001

A far cry from the simplicity of the 1986 holiday card, this intricate Christmas card uses soft colors and detailing to create a serene winter scene.


Holiday card from 2006

This intricate design draws you into the corridor with a skillful display of depth and detailing.

For more festive designs, hop over to our holiday card gallery.

Make our tradition your tradition! Sign up to receive an original Gelotte Hommas holiday card every December.

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