A Delectable Dream Kitchen

Thanksgiving is now behind us, and the Christmas season is upon us. It’s that scrumptious, food-filled time of year that has many people dusting off their dreams for the perfect kitchen.

When clients approached us with their vision for a delectable kitchen, we invited Chef John Howie of Seastar Restaurant and Raw Bar to lend his expertise to the Hillcrest Farm project.

Here’s the fruit of our partnership with the illustrious Bellevue chef:

Spacious Kitchen

The main kitchen features a full range with an additional oven on the left and a second stovetop located on the island. The island offers the family and guests a comfortable space from which to eat or to interact with the meal’s cook. To the right of the range, the fridge melds with the surrounding cabinetry in order to offer efficiency without disrupting the kitchen’s visual flow with a clunky appliance.

Hillcrest Farm
Hillcrest Farm

Designated Prep Area

A defined food preparation area sits adjacent to the primary kitchen. Complete with a double sink, extensive cabinets, and plenty of counter space, this kitchen companion provides home chefs and caterers alike with ample room to create their culinary masterpieces—from Thanksgiving turkeys to Christmas cookies.

Hillcrest Farm

Ample Pantry

Large pantries and secondary kitchens are among the top trends in home kitchens. A butler’s pantry offers considerable storage for food and kitchen supplies and provides additional space in which to cook and clean outside of your guests’ view.

This pantry features an exquisite island, an extra sink, an additional dishwasher, and storage for cookbooks.

Hillcrest Farm

Inviting Bar

If you’re searching for an additional entertainment space, consider adding a luxurious bar and a well-stocked wine cellar. Mounted television screens and inviting bar stools fanned around a curved bar ensure that game day camaraderie will flourish in your home.

Hillcrest Farm
Hillcrest Farm

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