Intelligent Design: 9 Ways to Hide Your Home Tech

It’s hard to deny that advanced technology plays an increasingly important role in home comfort. Modern heating and cooling, security, entertainment, food preparation and storage, communications, and house cleaning all rely heavily on the latest available technological advancements. In fact, an estimated 14.2 million US homes currently use some form home automation, and many of these modern conveniences are merging into one integrated system easily controlled by a single tablet or smartphone.

But that timeless, 19th century marble mantle doesn’t have to play second chair to a domineering TV screen, and your meticulously arranged modern sculptures needn’t share space with bulky speakers and knotted chords.

This week, we’ll explore nine ways to keep your room’s focal point on that exquisite modernist painting and off the “71⁰” readout on your thermostat.

Retractable TV

Brookside Retreat



Your television need not take center stage in your carefully crafted family room. Instead, conceal it behind a fireplace or wall art or let it retract into the floor or ceiling. When you’re ready to relax, your TV will emerge with the tap of a button.

This homeowner installed a sleek flat screen television behind the exquisite fireplace. When desired, the TV slides horizontally from behind the stonework and covers two windows for an optimal viewing experience.

Hidden Projector

San Andreas

San Andreas Home with hidden projector in far left wall. 

A projector retracts into the ceiling in this Woodvalley residence. 

If you prefer a projector over a TV, hide it within your media room’s back wall or install a subtle lift that enables the projector to retract into the ceiling when not in use.

Retractable Screen

Media Room

Install an automated drop down projection screen in the ceiling to show off your family photos by day and catch up on the news by night.

Screen Wall

Avocado Residence

If you’re not sure about a projection screen, you could get rid of it altogether. Projection paint offers the perfect reflective surface for all your favorite shows and movies while still presenting a sleek, uninterrupted white or light gray wall in your home. Partner this paint with a hidden projector, and your guests will never know that you marathoned The Lord of the Rings the night before!

Invisible Speakers

Complete 7.2 home theater with invisible speakers

This home uses customized Louis Vuitton wallpaper to cover invisible speakers. Invisible speakers can be installed in walls or ceilings and then plastered over—no one will ever that a suspect state-of-the-art sound system hides behind your soothing sage-colored walls.

Secret Speakers

Moraya Bay Residence

Painted speaker cloth hides this home’s sound system within a custom built-in. 

Moraya Bay Residence

Make sure your sound system is heard and not seen by placing speakers within cabinets or behind specially crafted wall art. Customized speaker cloth allows cupboards and art to conceal unsightly equipment while still ensuring crystal clear sound.

Concealed Chords

Living Room Cabinets, Hidden TV Panel

The panels above this fireplace move aside to reveal the family room TV. 

With a little forethought, it’s easy to conceal television, sound system, and computer chords in molding, trim, and cornice.

Charging Drawer

Thin drawers allow this family to keep their devices charged, safe, and out of the way. 

While smartphones, tablets, and laptops offer portability, convenience, and a veritable lifeline when lost on your way to Seattle’s newest coffee shop, they can also add to the clutter and chaos of home life. To keep all of your devices in order and out of the way, add a charging drawer to your kitchen, office, or bedroom. These drawers offer inconspicuous outlets or wireless charging centers and a reliable storage space.

Integrated Automation

Under-cabinet iPad mount. 

To further eliminate clutter in your home, consolidate your heating, security, and intercom control panels onto a single integrated device using convenient apps. These home automation features may be accessed on a mini tablet magnetically attached to a wall or remotely through your personal smartphone. In addition to standard security and climate control features, you can also adjust lighting, blinds, stereo volume, TV channels, and more from a single integrated device.

Your architect or designer can help you learn more about consolidating your home tech or refer you to services that will install, maintain, and update your integrated home technology in the years to come.

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