A Home for Tennis

When our clients dream big, Gelotte Hommas Architecture transforms zoning restrictions into creative opportunities.

Overcoming Obstacles

Recently, our tennis enthusiast clients brought us their vision for a home complete with an indoor tennis court. Local zoning laws restricted residential structures to a 25 foot height, so a standard 36 foot high indoor court was out of the question. Instead, our team dug deep and proposed to recess the tennis court beneath the custom home.



This custom design brings modern elegance to life with a long-span structure set on a deep foundation. The terraced green roof provides an abundance of outdoor space, and a stunning oculus allows natural light to permeate the recessed tennis court and workout room.

Celebrating Innovation

Our “Home for Tennis” model currently sits on display alongside other innovative designs at the (un)Restricted Architectural Model Exhibit. This year, the exhibit focuses on architectural innovation in response to environmental, material, social, and economic challenges. The (un)Restricted Exhibit explores the stories behind the structures, and celebrates local ingenuity.

Eric Drivdahl attended the opening of the (un)Restricted Exhibit and snapped a few photos of the Gelotte Hommas team’s design as well as a few other curiosities. Take a look!

Architect Eric Drivdahl at the (un)Restricted Architectural Model Exhibit.
Architects had the opportunity to add “improvements” to the Seattle skyline. Eric Drivdahl suggested adding affordable housing pods to the Space Needle.

You can visit our current model (and many others from Seattle’s best architects!) at the Center for Architecture Design now through September 23.

Interested in other models? Check out our model entry from the 14th Annual Architecture Exhibit!

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