Cocktails & Mocktails

While we ordinarily spend our days turning our clients’ dream homes into a reality, we also embrace opportunities to flex our creative muscles and apply our skill to other creative ventures.

Last week, we traded our drawing boards for 5-by-5-inch napkins and entered our designs into the Architectural Record Cocktail Napkin Sketch Contest.

The rules were simple:

  1. Create a unique, architecture-oriented design specifically for this competition.
  2. Draw your design on a white 5-inch-by-5-inch paper cocktail napkin.
  3. Use an ink or ballpoint pen.

The rest was up to us!

The Gelotte Hommas team indulged in Zeek’s pizza and Classic Shirley Temple, Arnold Palmer, and Raspberry Fizzler mocktails as we sketched out our best contemporary designs.

Take a look at what we dreamed up, and share your thoughts in the comments!

David Grubb’s modern design.
Scott Hommas added a splash of color to his garden scene.
Eric Drivdahl proved that simple’s always in style.
Check out the reflection in Curtis Gelotte’s waterfront cityscape sketch!
Eric Drivdahl “drew” inspiration from Louis Kahn, a leading twentieth century architect.
Tom Brown contrasted light and dark in his bid for the prize.

Wish us well as we submit our sketches–the winner will receive an Apple Sport Watch! And while we await the results, take a look at our past entries.

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