A More Dramatic Curve

On Tuesday we featured doorways with curves- from just a hint to dramatic. Now let’s take a look at larger curved windows that make a bigger impact on the architecture of a home.

English Craftsman

The rectangular windows of the craftsman home are typical to many houses. They let in ample light and fit the traditional design but what if you want something more. With tall ceilings it is easy to add more windows. Sure, more rectangular windows could have worked but the semicircle brings much more interest and fun to the home.

The Garaj Mahal

Unlike the previous picture, where a rectangular window could have surfaced, nothing less than a large rounded window would work on this garage. The window mimics the curved beam overhead and makes the central focal point of the building. And when the garage door is closed there is still a great deal of natural light inside.


But the most important part of any window is the view that it affords from inside. If the curved windows in this living room were replaced with a solid wall, such a wonderful view of the sky would not be possible. All windows let in light and views but some can also add whimsy and interest to a home. So when you are dreaming of your ideal home don’t forget to consider a variety of window options to bring out the beauty of the space.

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