A Little Curve

Modern architecture tends to be a proliferation of straight lines but it doesn’t have to be. Adding curved elements can create whimsy and interest to the home. Rounded doors with windows are particularly nice for creating a welcoming entrance or focal point for a room.

A Storybook Cottage

These curved top french doors leading to a small balcony make the room feel romantic. A subtle curvature adds interest but it not overly dramatic or attention grabbing.

Westview Manor

To spice up this elegant entryway a double door was chosen with rounded glass at the top. This is an easy way to get this look without having to customize the door frame.

Prairie Style Architecture

For a more unique and dramatic look, a large semicircular window can cap the entryway doors. Stained glass in both the doors and the overhead window make this a truly stunning doorway.

Whether you go all out with a large semicircular window or just add a hint of curve in the door, breaking up the straight lines of a house can add interest and charm.

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