Erasing the Line Between Indoors and Outdoors

The world outside has always been separated from the interior of the home by walls and windows. This is great in the winter, when keeping the elements out is a home’s top priority. But what about when the weather is nice? Then the most that can be hoped for is an open window and a screen door, right? Not anymore. The newest home trend is to get rid of the wall- when you want to.

Northwest Perspective

Accordion folding doors are a growing tend that allows a larger space to be open between the outside and inside. When closed they are a solid barrier from the elements but when opened they tuck neatly away and allow two separate spaces to become one.

Glassworks Remodel

This may seem a style suited only to contemporary homes but the doors can be made to fit any style and size of home. French doors have long been the staple for opening the home to the outside but now there are more options.

Lakefront Splendor

And you don’t need to stop at just one set. This home has a combination of traditional double doors in the middle with accordion doors on either side to effectively make the entire wall disappear. They also offer wonderful views and ample natural light. Is there a place in your home that could benefit from a large accordion door?

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