Soaking in Serenity

A bathroom is a necessity but it can also be a luxury. A well designed layout with expertly styled decor can transform a simple bathroom into an awe inspiring space. Here are some bathrooms that are so luxurious you may never need to go to a spa again.

Classic on the Green

This traditional bathroom features a large soaking tub complemented by marble flooring and counter top. An open and airy space welcomes you to relax and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

Lakefront Splendor

For a more contemporary feel this bathroom uses cement and tile along with straight lines and darker colors. The glass shower almost disappears to create an open feel.

A Storybook Cottage

If an even more contemporary design is your style then this white minimalist bathroom might catch your eye. A unique tub and faucet are the centerpieces to the bathroom with only a few small items on the windowsill adding color.

Hillcrest Farm

For the complete opposite of the minimalist bathroom there is this grotto inspired room. The shower is tucked into a faux stone alcove while the bathtub is filled by a spring from the rock wall. A delightfully interesting space.

Whether your taste goes towards the ultra minimalist, over-the-top or somewhere in between, the architects at Gelotte Hommas can help design you a bathroom that fits your needs and style.

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