Setting the Stage

The area around a home can impact the way the home looks almost as much as the architecture. Landscaping that severely contrasts with the style of the home can detract from the beautiful aesthetic so it is important to give the yard some thought when designing a home. A solid plan does not have to be in place until the home is completed but getting ideas now will help the process.

Classic on the Green

A formal home deserves a formal garden. This Italian inspired home is elegantly framed with small shrubs, a perfectly manicured lawn and a few hits of colorful flowers. The landscaping intentionally draws the eye to the entrance of the home. The addition of two tall potted urns give just a hint of drama to the visual.

Woodway Manor

For the landscaping of this English manor house a mixture of formal and informal design is used. The lawn and driveway are precisely maintained but the climbing plants on the house are left to wander as they wish. The plants are trimmed so that they do not cover the windows but otherwise they are left to give the home a softer facade and to make the home look as if it has been there for a hundred years.

The Woods Outback

Not every home must be so formally landscaped. This contemporary home tucked into the woods has a meadow like feel to its landscaping. The plants and design used mimic what might have grown there naturally but with more intention of the placement. The overall effects is to pleasantly blend the home into its surroundings.

Prairie Style Architecture

Not every home has a completely flat lot. Hillsides provide an excellent opportunity to create a textured and fun landscape. Here, large stones were placed to add interest while varying textures of plants were used for contrast. Flowers are not the only way to grow a beautiful garden.

All of these homes have vastly different landscaping that compliment their architecture and bring the overall feel of the home into the outdoors.



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