Work-from-home Options

The home office use to be the realm of CEO’s and intrepid entrepreneurs but these days things have changed. Of course, a home office can still be used for running your business but it doesn’t have to be. Having a space to store important documents and work on home budgeting can be just as important. With the complexity of life these days sitting down once a month at the kitchen table to make a budget just won’t cut it. A home office, no matter how small or large, creates a space to get work done.

Lakeside Lookout Office

This first office is almost more of a nook than an entire room. Two work spaces with ample storage puts everything you need within reach. The style is clean and uncluttered while still being highly functional.

Classic on the Green

If a larger, and more traditional look, is what you have in mind then this office might be just the thing. The dark wood and fireplace give the impression of a banking tycoon’s office is the late 1800’s but the flat screen tv playing the financial news is all modern luxury.

Sammamish Tuscan Estate

Another office that channels that old elegance is this stately room complete with bookcase and leather tufted chairs. There is a decidedly more masculine feeling to this home office.

Home Office of Cedar Haven Home

But if a large and modern space is more to your liking then there is this home office. There is plenty of storage in the room but also incredible floor to ceiling windows for those times when your mind wanders and you need something beautiful to look at.

No matter the size or style, a home office is a functional addition to your living space which can improve organization and work flow. If a home office is in your future then let Gelotte Hommas design you one to fit your needs.

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