Pool Party

With the 4th of July holiday this weekend many people are probably wishing they had a pool in their backyard in which to cool off. You may think that a pool will only fit a certain type of house but these days a pool can be designed to fit with any architectural style.

Classic on the Green

When designing a pool area it is great to have multiple levels of patio and poolside space. These stairs create a dramatic entrance to the pool area and continue the classic design of the home into the outdoors.

Prairie Style Architecture

A prairie or craftsman style home is not necessarily one we associate with having a pool but they fit quite nicely together. The design here is much less formal but still creates a relaxing ambiance with plenty of space to entertain.

House in a Mountain Meadow

And contemporary homes accommodate pools particularly well. If space allows, such as it does here, having grass near the pool area extends the space and allows for games and other activities.

Keep in mind that the pools featured above are all standard sized rectangular pools. Other shapes and sizes abound that can turn your backyard into a water playground. If you are considering a pool for your new home, or hope to remodel an existing space, then contact Gelotte Hommas Architecture to learn about more options.

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