Paper for a Pop of Color

There are a myriad of ways to add color and interest to a room but one which we often forget about is wallpaper. This form of wall decoration got its start during the renaissance when people couldn’t get their hands on tapestries but still wanted to spruce up their rooms with large pretty pictures. Over the centuries the motifs have changed but the interest and style that wallpaper brings to a room has not.

English Craftsman

A smaller space, such as this bathroom, can handle a more vibrant print. It is important to choose a design and color scheme that fits with the other elements in the room such as a unique sink or lighting fixtures.

Westview Manor

Not all wallpaper features intricate designs. The design of the striped wallpaper above could have been achieved with paint but the installation process for the paper was much faster than watching paint dry. Also, some wallpapers come with flocking, glitter or other textures that paint can’t mimic.

Westview Manor

But the best part about wallpaper is the sheer whimsy. There are so many options these days that almost anything is possible. There are even wallpaper options with LED lights embedded in the paper and eco-friendly options made of woven grass.

Wallpaper isn’t the best fit for large rooms that have interesting architectural elements but in smaller ones, particularly bathrooms it seems, wallpaper can bring a lot of pizzazz and whimsy while complimenting the other elements in the room. Just something to think about.

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