Dining with Style

On Tuesday we looked at how some homes are now combining the kitchen, dining and living rooms into one large multi-use space. For some, this is a highly functional layout that fits a laid back lifestyle while others might want something more structured. So today we will look at examples of formal dining rooms which focus on entertaining and traditional family meals.

Hillcrest Farm

When we think of formal dining rooms an image similar to the one above probably pops into your mind. A sumptuously carved table is surrounded by leather seats and flanked by a pastoral painting and traditional sideboard. This is most definitely a room that would accommodate the most elegant of guests.

Classic on the Green

For a more contemporary feel there is this spacious yellow and white dining room. It still has a strong formality to the space with a chandelier and built-in china hutch but the color scheme and less ornate furnishings make it more relaxed than the previous example. This would be a lovely room for breakfast.

Westview Manor

Our final example is an eclectic mix of ornate traditional and streamlined contemporary. The glass table is thoroughly modern but the carved wood chairs bring an antique elegance. The ceiling and rug are traditional elements which are countered by the lighting fixture and contemporary styling of the display cases. All together these diverse pieces combine to create a room that is beautiful enough for a dinner party but comfortable enough for a family lunch.

If a separate dining area makes sense for you home then let Gelotte Hommas design you one that fits your level of formality.

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