Escape to the Mountains in Contemporary Style

Mountains are majestic. Meadows are relaxing. Put them together and you have the perfect location for a home- a Mountain Meadow. This contemporary home is designed to blend into the surrounding landscape and be as unobtrusive as possible, however, this does not compromise the view nor the style one bit.

Mountain Style Pacific Northwest Architecture

A low concrete wall divides the home into two sections. One side has tall ceilings with large windows that capture the stunning view. The other side contains the smaller and more private rooms of the home. Both sides have a clean and modern style.

House in a Mountain Meadow

A wall of windows and a multitude of skylights mean this home is awash in natural light whenever the sun is up. But when it goes down the views are just as stunning.

House in a Mountain Meadow

Contemporary homes are versatile and can be designed to fit beautifully into a variety of landscapes. There are few constraints on how bold or subtle a modern home can be and new materials are being produced to last longer and still look amazing.

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