Updated View

Remodeling a home can take as much work, if not more, than designing and building one from scratch. To be done properly, the remodel must take the original structure and meld new ideas and materials with it to create a cohesive design. The Lakefront Spender home is an excellent example of taking an uninspiring original design and creating a luxurious and contemporary new space.


This home began its life as a monochromatic box in the 1980’s. To revitalize the structure, new materials were added for texture and color. Rich wood paneling gives the home a warmer and more inviting feeling while pergolas above the patios add interest and change the shape of the home.

Color palette #4

Adding more color to the home was an important element of the remodel but it had to be the right color. The graphic above shows the color palettes used for three different areas of the home. Even though they have distinct color palettes the overall tone is the same and there are no jarring differences in color when transitioning from one space to another.

Lakefront Splendor

As mentioned previously, details were very important for this project. Here you can see a section of stairs and railing. This style of open floating stairs were popular when the home was built but the elegant wood of the step and industrial metal of the railing create a decidedly contemporary look.

Remodeling an existing structure has its constraints but a creative architect can see the potential in the bones and design an exquisite new home.

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