Cozy Guest House

We all want our guests to feel welcome and in this Touch of Normandy guest house they will feel so welcome they might never leave. Normandy is in the northwest region of France and is known for cheese and a dramatic coastline along with historic architecture. Many old buildings survive, from quaint thatched roof cottages to expansive stone country estates. This is the design aesthetic which influenced this charming guest house.

A Touch of Normandy

The fireplace is the centerpiece for many older homes as this was the main source of heating. This is not the case with this modern interpretation but the fireplace does add elegance to the room and a cozy feel. Above, dark wood beams hint at the rustic origins of the Norman style.

A Touch of Normandy

The upper floor of the guest house encompass a sitting area and bedroom. The vaulted ceilings of the upper floor are typical of the style and simply follow the pitch of the roof. Again the structural beams are visible and the upstairs features a fireplace as well.

A Touch of Normandy

Because this is a guest home the kitchen was designed to be of minimal size. It may be small but it is still fully functional. A farmhouse sink and country style cabinetry help it to continue the aesthetic of the home. Every detail of this home has been designed to take advantage of the small size and make it feel large and inviting. If your guest quarters need an overhaul then Gelotte Hommas Architecture can help.

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