Soak in the Sun

Some homes are just designed for relaxation. From the layout to the materials there are certain spaces that have the ability to calm. This Casa del Sol home is a perfect example of a home which will make you want to put your feet up and let time drift by.

Casa Del Sol

An open floor plan lets the living room flow into the kitchen and dining area. And with such ample windows and doors the deck feels part of the living space as well. The beautiful wood ceiling complements the stone floor and brings a natural feel to the room.

Casa Del Sol

The sun plays a large roll in this home which tries to capture as much of it as possible but sometimes you just need to soak it in directly. The large deck area offers gorgeous views and a perfect spot to relax and enjoy the natural surroundings.

Casa Del Sol
As the sun goes down this luxurious bathtub is the ideal place to enjoy a sunset. A full day in a home such as this is better than a week at a spa. This home was specifically designed for the owners needs and desires so it perfectly reflects their lifestyle. If you are planning a new home then Gelotte Hommas can design you one that can relax you, inspire you or delight you.

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