The Deck of Dreams

It always seems that amazing things are hidden behind seemingly benign gates. This hidden entrance is no different. Behind this pleasant yet understated wood gate is a marvel of lakeside living. The curved top of the gate give you a tantalizing peek at  the view beyond.

Coastal Cove House

While the interior of this Coastal Cove home is lovely there is very little reason to be inside this time of year. During nice weather this amazing curved deck takes center stage. There is ample seating, a bar and it is only steps away from a private beach. Could it get any better?

Coastal Cove House

How about another seating area, breathtaking view and an awesome spiral staircase up to the second floor? The bar area also has a grill so there is practically no need to every go inside.

Coastal Cove House
But if you do decided to ever leave this outdoor oasis it would be nice to rinse off that sand first so, of course, there is a private outdoor shower discreetly tucked in a corner.
Coastal Cove House

Is your patio starting to look like it needs an upgrade?


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