The Icing on Top

The fun parts of designing a dream home are usually the gourmet kitchen with Italian marble counter tops or the master bathroom with a Jacuzzi tub and sweeping lake views. But what about the roof? Has any thought been given to the part of the home that will protect all the amazing and stylish things inside? Sure, a basic roof will cover and protect but couldn’t it do more? Couldn’t it look great while serving a purpose? If you don’t believe that a roof can be a focal point for a home then you haven’t seen this whimsical Storybook Cottage.

A Storybook Cottage

This home looks like it sprang from the pages of Alice in Wonderland, which is all thanks to its incredible wood shingled roof. The home, in and of itself, is a lovely design but it is the way the shingles curve around the edges that really give the building a distinct look.

A Storybook Cottage

The inspiration for this roof came from old English cottages including those covered in thatch. Thatched roofs have a along history and rustic style but there are some drawbacks. This wood version, however, is more robust and contemporary.

A Storybook Cottage

A designer roof such as this may be more expensive and time consuming to build but a typical asphalt shingle roof would never do for such a unique and whimsical home. This wood shingle style may not be right for your home but there is an option out there for you. If you need help deciding what icing to put on your dream home then contact Gelotte Hommas Architecture for more creative ideas.

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