When designing your dream home it is best to start by figuring out what are your priorities. Do you want your home to be large or small? Modern or traditional? A master suite that takes up the entire second floor or a pantry the size of Fort Knox just in case guests stop by. In this Westview Manor home we can see just where the priorities lay.

Westview Manor

The entrance to the home is refined but very inviting. The red door and oval window add whimsical touches that indicate this home is fun and friendly.

Westview Manor

Inside most of the rooms, including this bedroom, are well appointed but not overly extravagant. They are comfortable but it feels as if some of their potential size was given to other rooms that may rank higher on the owners list of priorities.

Westview Manor

This bathroom, for example, is decadent. A merely ‘efficient’ bathroom would be half this size but this room is designed for relaxation and indulgence. I would happily sacrifice some bedroom space for a bathroom like this in which to pamper myself.

Westview Manor

And then there is the kitchen. A gourmet meal for a football team could be made in this professional grade kitchen. The owner of this home obviously takes their culinary avocation seriously.

I hope this beautiful home illustrates the point that building a custom home is more than deciding on paint colors and paver stones. It is about creating a home that fits your lifestyle and Gelotte Hommas Architecture are just the ones to help you.

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