Stone Stands the Test of Time

The wide open spaces of eastern Washington require a different kind of architecture than the forested western side. To help this home blend better with its surroundings, architect Curtis Gelotte drew inspiration from stone homes of Pennsylvania and the Midwest. The goal was to create a rustic farmhouse style home which was part of the landscape while also being a beautiful and stately home.

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Traditionally farm houses start small and are added to as the family grows or needs change. That same feel is incorporated into this design with the main structure being connected to two ‘additions’ by short hallways. Clapboard siding was chosen as the material for these hallways to emphasis their feel of being added to the home after the fact  but in reality they were always part of the design. White window casings and trim give the home a clean and finished look while highlighting the beautiful stonework.

This home is still in progress but to see more computer generated models click here and see how small changes in the design affect the overall look and feel of the home.


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