When we see a home for the first time we take it all in as one large piece. We see the shape and size, color and style but then the details begin to emerge. And although getting the proportions and structural viability of a home is important it ends up being the smaller details that have a huge influence over how the home looks and feels.

Scroll-work on either side of the front door makes the entryway unique and adds a romantic touch. Guests may not consciously note this subtle details but they add to the overall ambiance.


Classic on the Green

More scroll-work details are seen inside on the mantel above the fireplace. The center shield and cornucopia offer a regal flair to an otherwise simple stone piece.


Classic on the Green

The backdoor out onto the patio features a curved top which changes the lines of the entire door. These curved lines break of the monotony of horizontal and vertical that is ubiquitous on most architecture. These doors are not overly ornate but they do add a hint of whimsy.

In and of itself these elements are not overly dramatic or awe inspiring but combined they influence the atmosphere of the home and turn it into more than the sum of its parts. To see more photos of the elegant home click here.

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