Stone Stands the Test of Time

The wide open spaces of eastern Washington require a different kind of architecture than the forested western side. To help this home blend better with its surroundings, architect Curtis Gelotte drew inspiration from stone homes of Pennsylvania and the Midwest. The goal was to create a rustic farmhouse style home which was part of the landscape while also being a beautiful and stately home.

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Traditionally farm houses start small and are added to as the family grows or needs change. That same feel is incorporated into this design with the main structure being connected to two ‘additions’ by short hallways. Clapboard siding was chosen as the material for these hallways to emphasis their feel of being added to the home after the fact  but in reality they were always part of the design. White window casings and trim give the home a clean and finished look while highlighting the beautiful stonework.

This home is still in progress but to see more computer generated models click here and see how small changes in the design affect the overall look and feel of the home.


What are our clients saying about us?

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You’ve seen the stunning homes that Gelotte Hommas Architecture has designed but you want to know what it is actually like to work with them. Are they demigods of design who dictate how your home should look or do they listen to what you want? Is winning an award their main objective or do they truly want to create a home you will love? If these questions plague you then here are some reviews from customers to give you a sense of how we work.

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Your home is a very personal place. As these reviews can attest, we work hard to make sure your home is exactly what you want and need. You can read all of our reviews here. But better yet, get in touch with us and see what we can do for you.

Beautiful Ruins

Standing in the middle of an ancient building, knowing that people who lived  hundreds of years ago once stood on that same spot is a powerful feeling. A connection with those long since gone through their architecture can make us feel more grounded in this sometimes ephemeral world. Plus, old architecture is beautiful.  However, there are aspects of our modern lives that do not easily lend themselves to living in classical building. To resolve the issue of wanting an older looking home with the amenities of a modern one this hybrid design was created.


Two traditional Norman style stone buildings flank either side of a contemporary main living space. This creates the illusion that a modern home was built into the ruins of a previous building. An historical context is created to accompany this more current design. The effect is a very distinct style that is both familiar and quite unique. The large windows of the contemporary section take in the gorgeous lake view while the more traditional pieces feel as if they anchor the home to the steep hillside. This home is currently in progress but when it is done it will be a one-of-a-kind custom home. To learn more about this home and see in-progress photos click here.

Modern Doesn’t Mean Cold

Modern designs are sleek and clean with large open spaces that can feel aloof and unwelcoming if done incorrectly. On the other hand, if done well, a modern home can still have the open floor plan and clean lines while being inviting and warm. A great example of a welcoming modern design is this Fallen Maples home.

Fallen Maples

The contemporary exterior features an uncluttered design with expansive windows to let in the view of a woodland meadow. Keeping the home at two stories, along with the wood siding, helps it blend into the forested surrounding. On top of being aesthetically pleasing this home is also 4-star built green certified making it eco-friendly inside and out.

Fallen Maples

The interior space in unencumbered by walls but still features distinct areas for the living room, dining room and kitchen. The cabinets and wood trim come from trees that were harvested onsite. It doesn’t get much more local than that.

Fallen Maples

Not every space is wide-open. A rustic wood screen next to the front door creates an entryway and maintains the privacy of the larger interior space.

If you like the fresh look of a modern interior but don’t want the home to feel like an art museum then there are ways to design a home that is both uncluttered and inviting. Let the experts at Gelotte Hommas design you a home that fits your personal design needs.

Waterfront Reflections

Our architects like to visit the site of a project during the design process whenever possible to get a better feel for the space. When Scott Hommas visited the spot for this contemporary style home it became clear that the view and water access were high on the priority lists. Also important were large functional spaces to accommodate a growing and active family. Back at the drafting table Scott came up with this modern and elegant design.


The great room encompasses a large section of the house and includes the kitchen, living room and dining area. A two-story stone fireplace sits at one end of the room and stunning lake views are visible form both the first and second floors. The large open spaces in the home were designed to give the family a welcoming place for informal gatherings and simple everyday living. For more privacy the master suite includes its own balcony.

This home was designed around the lifestyle of the family rather than the family having to change their lifestyle to fit into the home. Custom homes are the perfect way to create a space that fills all the functional and stylistic wishes that a home owner could have. To see computer renderings of the project, as well as a few in progress photographs, then just click here.  To have us design you a home which fits your lifestyle then contact Gelotte Hommas Architecture today.


When we see a home for the first time we take it all in as one large piece. We see the shape and size, color and style but then the details begin to emerge. And although getting the proportions and structural viability of a home is important it ends up being the smaller details that have a huge influence over how the home looks and feels.

Scroll-work on either side of the front door makes the entryway unique and adds a romantic touch. Guests may not consciously note this subtle details but they add to the overall ambiance.


Classic on the Green

More scroll-work details are seen inside on the mantel above the fireplace. The center shield and cornucopia offer a regal flair to an otherwise simple stone piece.


Classic on the Green

The backdoor out onto the patio features a curved top which changes the lines of the entire door. These curved lines break of the monotony of horizontal and vertical that is ubiquitous on most architecture. These doors are not overly ornate but they do add a hint of whimsy.

In and of itself these elements are not overly dramatic or awe inspiring but combined they influence the atmosphere of the home and turn it into more than the sum of its parts. To see more photos of the elegant home click here.

Design Steps


Designing a home can be a long process with many complicated steps. We first start with an idea, usually with some specification that the client has asked for. A certain style, number of rooms, orientation on the land or anything else that will give the client their dream home. Then a sketch is made. A sketch from an architect is not a hastily drawn image but a scaled representation of the home. In the series of images below you can see the initial drawing then a color iteration. Further  down below you will see a drawing with subtle changes to the design.

Changes are always made, whether they are small or large. We show our clients revised drawings until it matches the vision in their minds. After the design has been agreed upon we use all the amazing technology at our disposal to create three dimensional models. Back in the day we use to make these by hand with cardboard and other materials but the new way is much faster and easier to alter if needed. We all like that!


Once the exterior is set then we add in landscaping and also model the interior rooms. Interested in seeing these images? Click here to see the full project. This home is still in the works but it will be gorgeous when finished. If you would like us to put our experience and skill to work for you on designing the home of your dreams then give us a call today to start the process.

Remodeled Outdoor Living Space

Here at Gelotte Hommas Architecture we don’t just design and build amazing custom homes. We also remodel existing homes into dream spaces which is exactly what we did at this Glassworks home.

The family wanted a Moroccan themed outdoor living area complete with comfortable seating, a dining area and a cooking area. The seating area, pictured below, is the perfect spot to spend those spring and fall evenings when the weather is nice but still a bit chilly. The gas fireplace offers warmth and style while being easy to deal with. Dark wood beams for the ceiling and the brightly painted panels complete the theme.

The cooking area did not need to be large but functionality was still important. A gas grill, sink, dishwasher and plenty of storage space make party central for the summer. The dark wood beams are repeated in this area as well as a clear roof. This keeps the weather out while letting in the sun allowing this space to be used rain or shine.

Small details such as this elephant carved into the end of a beam create whimsy and tie in the Moroccan theme the home owners were looking for. When designing a space many people focus only on the large aspects and forget to add memorable details or subtle finishes.

In the end the family was thrilled with their new outdoor living space. If you would like to learn about the possibilities for your own summer spot then contact us today.