Spring is officially here but that does not mean the weather will cooperate with what the calendar says. Chilling mornings give way to sunny afternoons which turn into cool evenings. These changes mean that sitting out on an open patio is still to cold but you don’t want to miss out on all that sun. This dilemma can be solved with a four season room. Have a look at these examples below.

This four season room is styled more like a porch with the same brickwork floor as the rest of the patio. However, when the temperature drops the glass walls can be slid into place and the fire stoked to create a casual room with a stunning view. Rooms like this are great for parties or as a place to get out of the sun but still feel the cooling breeze.


This quaint cottage style room would be the perfect art studio. Who wouldn’t take up painting just to spend time in this beautiful room? Accordion windows on three sides open up to let in air and the view. This space could also double as party central with appetizers on the counters and bartenders inside to serve drinks.

Four season rooms as very versatile and great for areas that have capricious weather. Whether large or small they are a fun and functional addition to any home.


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