Into the Woods

The pacific northwest is a gorgeous area and it is not uncommon for home owners to try and bring some of that serenity and beauty into their homes. Some do it by incorporating elements indoors such as rough-scraped timbers and earthy tones into the living space. Others, such as the home featured below, opt for expansive windows and neutral colors to blend home with nature.

Set into a clearing in the woods this home bends well with its surroundings and is also environmentally friendly with ambient heated concrete floors and solar tube lighting. The low profile of the home also adds to that hidden-gem-in-the woods feel.

Sliding glass doors allow the home to be partitioned when needed but still retain an open visual. The exterior glass walls are also sliding doors which can be opened to create a patio or closed to become the living room. Either way, nature is on full display.


An open and elegant kitchen is the heart of this home. Natural wood cabinets and a neutral color scheme match the rest of the house and provide a relaxing place to cook and enjoy informal meals. With unique back splash windows the chef can chop vegetables while admiring the view.

This Woods Outback home showcases contemporary pacific northwest architecture with an eco-friendly component. If you want to feel as if you are living directly in nature then let Gelotte Hommas Architecture design you a home in whichever style you choose.

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