Moving a house before moving in

The photo below is a computer rendering of a finished English style country manor. Designing and planning for this lovely home was straight forward enough, except for one catch. A house already occupied the land. The current house had been a family home for over 30 years and was still in excellent condition. Simply demolishing the home was not an option. Instead, Eric Drivdahl and Curtis Gelotte worked with contractors Nickel Brothers to come up with a solution.


It was eventually decided that the existing home would be moved, in one piece, to another piece of property on the San Juan islands to be used as a vacation home. Drivdahl and Gelotte made sure the home was structurally intact for its journey and received a bit of updating upon its arrival on the island. Now the house that was a home for 30 years is a comfortable and familiar vacation home.

Once the land was cleared, construction on the manor house could begin.  A steeply sloped roof and stone exterior give the manor its English appeal. To see photos of the original home being moved and the manor house under construction click here. And if you need an existing home moved and a manor house (or any other style of home) to be designed and built then contact Gelotte Hommas Architecture.


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