Hitari Custom Home

Any home we design and build for a client is a custom home but some are more ‘custom’ than others. Take for example the Hitari home on the shores of lake Washington. Its design takes the ideas of custom and unique to another level. While the exterior is beautiful, it is what is inside that makes it a one of a kind property.

How many homes boast a bespoke race car display case complete with painted backdrop? There is also a trophy room and a gun room to showcase more of the owner’s collections.

A beautiful centerpiece to this home is the two story library. Cabinetry and display cases abound to exhibit a wide variety of art and collectibles. This home as been described as a combination of cowboy and native american aesthetics. The abundant use of wood, and hunting trophies, make you feel like you are out on the range.

Other waterfront homes have docks but few are as breath taking as this one. The variation in wood color is dramatic in the evening light, almost creating a rainbow effect.

To see more photos of this amazing house you can go to our website as well as Houzz.com. Whether you want a completely custom home or just and upgrade to the one you already have then contact Gelotte Hommas to see what magic we can create.

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