Bungalow on the Beach

Bungalows and beaches go together like surf and sand. The definition of a bungalow is a low house, with a broad front porch, and if it does have a second story then it is recessed into the roof with dormer windows. Generally these houses are on a smaller scale, used as vacation homes or just situated in a place where the occupants plan to spend more time outdoors than in. This home, however, has some high end upgrades and spectacular details that make it a cut above your average beach flophouse.

Instead of a second, story tall ceilings were included to give the home a more spacious feeling on the inside. Then craftsman style details were added for that extra wow factor. Beautiful tree trunks were used as the supporting columns for the house which were then placed on top of large stones for a unique look. On the cross beams iron fasteners were used to enhance the hand crafted feel of the home.

For the living room an over-sized stone fireplace was constructed which brings warmth to the room when the wind starts to howl. The wood and ironwork motifs are continued in this room, and throughout the home, to create a unified feeling.

Overall this home creates a wonderfully relaxing retreat with great style and design. It proves that if it can be designed, it can be built.

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