Unique Project in Bellevue

At Gelotte Hommas, we design homes that will stand the test of time and look beautiful doing it. However, on occasion the needs of the homeowner change and therefore the home needs to change as well. This is what happened at a residence in Bellevue, WA. A few years previously, Curtis Gelotte and Eric Drivdahl designed a custom home which was built and loved. When the home was eventually sold to new owners they contacted Gelotte Hommas architecture to have more space added to the home.

It is not often that an architect gets to revisit and re-imagine a project but that was exactly the opportunity afforded by this proposal. The new owners wanted a wine cellar, sewing room and music room as well as for the pool to be extended. Eric Drivdahl took on the task of incorporating these new elements into the original design while making them look as if they had been a part of the original plan.

high end bellevue architecture firm

Above is a computer generated image of what the project will look like when finished. To see concept sketches, construction photos and read more about the project click here.

If you have a Gelotte Hommas house that could use an addition or two we would love the chance to help.

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