A Piece of Cape Cod in the Pacific Northwest

The Cape Cod house has a history dating back to the 17th century. They have a very charming style which features wood shingling on the roof as well as the exterior walls. This gives the home a rustic and welcoming design. While the Cape Cod home featured below retains many of the classic characteristics of its namesake style, there are also a few added elements to make it a unique pacific northwest property.

A typical Cape Cod home has simple angles and a small porch area. To add interest to this home more angles were incorporated into the design, including the quintessential ‘barn’ outline. The double story round porch is also a feature not often seen in more traditional homes of this style.

To take advantage of the expansive view an ‘eyebrow’ window was integrated into the design of the living room. This fun element lets in light as well as being a visual focal point for the room.

This gorgeous kitchen might be described as a ‘galley kitchen’ because of its long thin design but without walls on both sides it is an open and breezy space. In fact, the kitchen and living room are one large space which is only separated by the long counter top. This configuration lends itself well to entertaining and keeping an eye on little ones while making dinner.

While this home may not conform to the traditional ideals of a Cape Cod home does seamlessly blend elements of east coast and west coast style. If you are thinking of building a home that reflects your specific needs then contact Gelotte Hommas Architects and start planning your dream home.


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