Impactfull Entryways

What does the entrance to your home say about you? Is it formal and traditional? Perhaps it is contemporary and cool? Maybe it needs a few changes to truly shine. Here are some amazing entryways that might inspire you to update yours.

The strong lines of this Fallen Maple home create an impressive visual impact. The contrast between the horizontal siding and the vertical planks of the door, along with the color variation, draw the eye to the center of this symmetrical entryway. And for anyone living in the rainy northwest, a large covered entryway is greatly appreciated.

Perhaps a more classic style is your preference. This formal entryway has an old world feel but without the ostentatious grandeur that it could have. Cheerful flower beds flank a clean and uncluttered walkway to simple yet dignified wooden door.

For a truly American entryway look no further than this Cape-cod style home. Symmetry and oval windows are used yet again in this entryway but the angled roof and wood shingles mark it as an american original. This home also features over sized stone planters and a brilliant red door to add a hint of color.

Symmetry is all well and good but what if your home needs something more dramatic? This Mountain Meadow home proves that you don’t need ornate columns or heavily decorated iron work to have your entryway stand out. Dramatic angles and strong asymmetry give this contemporary home a powerful visual appeal.

Whether your current entryway needs a remodel or you are thinking about a custom built home, Gelotte Hommas Architecture can design you a striking space that will make you smile very time you walk through the door.



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