Options for Outdoor Living

It may only be late February but here in Seattle the crocus and daffodils are already blooming which turns our thoughts to outdoor entertainment. The exterior space of a home says just as much about the inhabitants as the interior space. Today’s post is an overview of some of the option that Gelotte Hommas could build you to make your summer entertaining amazing.

Fire pit- This can be as simple as a few chairs huddled around a stone circle or as elaborate as the space pictured above. For the ultimate marshmallow roasting spot combine a modern fireplace with a natural stone patio and plush seating. An added bonus would be the bar nearby with electricity and a working beer tap. Why ever go inside?

Porch- Maybe your home already has a small outdoor seating area but could it be better? Is there ample space to relax in the afternoon while drinking iced tea and reading a book? This rounded porch not only provides more space it is also an interesting architectural element that draws the eye and gives the home a distinct look. The circular bay windows to the right balance out the porch to create a symmetrical, yet not precisely symmetrical, design.

Fountain or Pond- On a hot summer day just the sound of running water can help to cool us off. Fountains can be a beautiful centerpiece to a garden or patio area. Traditional fountains such as the one pictured above are elegant and timeless while ponds have a more natural or wild look and can be stocked with fish and blooming water plants.

Pool- Swimming during the heat of summer is divine. Your own personal pool is the perfect way to cool off and also do some low impact exercise. Pools are also particularly popular with kids and dogs.

Any or all of the above options are great things to add to your home if you like spending time outside. If your interest is peaked and you think you might be interested in adding to your home then contact Gelotte Hommas Architecture to help you design the perfect summer.




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