Idyllic English Cottage

The English cottage evokes visions of a bucolic life surrounded by grazing sheep on vibrant green pastures. While there are no sheep at this English Cottage in Port Townsend, WA, there is still plenty of beauty and many interesting details that will catch your eye.

The home is best described as English Craftsman style. This incorporates beamed ceilings, wainscoting, stained glass and built in cabinetry which are common in both English cottages and craftsman style homes.  The craftsman style, known for its emphasis on hand crafted details with an artistic flourish, originated in England so it is no wonder that these two styles share such a similar aesthetic and blend so seamlessly together.

The dining room is an excellent example of this stylistic melding. The wood beam ceiling and built-in shelving would be at home in either an English cottage or a craftsman home. The warmth of wood is prominent in the room, as is the unique lighting fixture. The craftsman style prized rustic handmade pieces that showed artistic talent and complimented nature and this ‘chandelier’ is an exquisite example of this.

In both the English cottage and the craftsman home we find niches such as the one pictured above. While this nook contains items from further east it still shows the playfulness and attention to detail which this home exemplifies.

A welcoming home is the ultimate goal for many people and this English Craftsman truly is a warm and inviting space.


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