When Concrete and Wood Meet

Concrete is a ubiquitous material in this day and age. Practically every new construction has some of the stuff somewhere in it, but most of the time it lacks any real pizzazz or interest. Not so in this Lake Wenatchee cabin. The entire first level has gorgeous concrete floors throughout.

This concrete floor has amazing durability and style. Stains are used to create a multitude of colors and then the floor is waxed to give it a lustrous shine. The smoothly polished floor goes nicely with the texture and color of the wood throughout the home.

Due to the weight of concrete it is not as practical to be used above the first floor so upstairs the warmth of wood takes over. The ‘A’ frame of this second story office creates a dramatic but cozy space.

The exterior of the cabin blends into the breathtaking natural scenery. When your location is this beautiful a home should complement, not compete. Metal siding, a green roof, wood supports and a stone foundation mimic the colors and shapes found in the area.

This home has a modern interior encased in a rustic exterior which creates the perfect weekend getaway. If you need help planning your own personal retreat then contact Gelotte Hommas Architecture to create a unique and relaxing place.



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