West Coast Meets East Coast

The northeast region of the United States has a distinct vibrancy and charm. The architecture of the region combines old world style with new world materials to create what is known as the Cape Cod or Nantucket style of architecture. It is this historic style that was the basis for this Northeast by Northwest home.

Strong elements of the Cape Cod style can be seen in this home which include wood shingle siding and a steep pitched roof to shed snow. Traditionally a home in this style would only be a single story tall with a loft in the rafters so as to conserve heat during the winter months. Today, however, improvements in construction materials and heating systems allow the simple Cape Cod style to become more grand.

To reduce the carbon footprint of this home solar panels were added to the roof. Double pained windows and wall insulation make this home much warmer than anything a whaler from the 1800’s might have had. There are also elements that don’t generally appear in older northeastern homes such as porches for relaxing and high ceilings.


Wood was the most abundant building material for homes two centuries ago and today it creates a comfortable and warm atmosphere. Wainscoting was originally used to deal with moisture buildup on interior walls but with new climate control features the beautiful wood paneling in this home is strictly for decoration.

Combining old with new is a great way to create a contemporary home that is both familiar and unique. If you would like a house that fits your individual style then contact Gelotte Hommas Architecture.



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