Looking in the (Bathroom) Mirror

When we fantasize about our dream bathroom the claw foot tub or marble tiled shower usually take center stage. Then we ponder flooring options and wall color. It isn’t until the end that we give much thought to the place where we will spend a large chunk of time- the sink and mirror. But this space should not be an after thought where any old thing will do. Here are three examples of vanity areas that are stylish and functional.



The sink and faucet are the focal point of this Northeast by Northwest bathroom. The raised sink evokes an earlier time when washbasins were used and indoor plumbing was not an option. And it is not often that you see the faucet coming directly from the wall. The circular wood mirror is also a unique piece which draws the eye.



If more space is required then this Westview Manor bathroom has it. Double sinks, on opposite sides of the room, make fighting your partner for space a thing of the past. For times when more attention to detail is needed the vintage style vanity and comfortable chair offer a sophisticated space for pampering.


For the royal treatment when getting ready there is no better place than this Tuscan inspired bathroom. The gold filigree mirror and ornate wall sconces will show you in the best light. Below the mirror is an Italian style tile mosaic which blend in with the natural stone tile throughout the room. This opulent vanity area is a gorgeous place to start the day.

If the vanity area of your bathroom, or your entire house, needs a stylish remodel then contact Gelotte Hommas Architecture to help create something beautiful.

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